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Achieve up to 10x faster performance with Ansys Mechanical on AWS

Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, and Manufacturing engineers are involved with running complex analyses in support of product design lifecycle. Some common examples include thermal, mechanical, structural, acoustic, transient, and nonlinear analysis, which involve modeling challenging geometry and physics. Ansys Mechanical is a finite element solver capable of simulating complex and intensive use cases.

Performing these analyses on-premises can lead to model simplification or accuracy loss due to limited and possibly older-generation infrastructure available, making it imperative for customers to migrate these workloads to the cloud. AWS cloud provides on-demand access to state-of-the-art infrastructure perfectly suitable for running Ansys Mechanical FEA simulations. Ansys Gateway powered by the AWS platform supports 50+ Ansys applications and accelerates mechanical simulations by offering cost, performance, and security advantages.

What you will learn

  • Common challenges with Ansys Mechanical simulations and use cases that work for cloud & HPC workloads
  • Ansys Gateway powered by AWS can reduce simulation time while optimizing the cost-to-performance ratio
  • Recommended Amazon EC2 instance types for Ansys Mechanical workloads


Dnyanesh Digraskar – Principal Partner Solutions Architect for HPC - AW


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