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Case Study

Rescale, Ansys, and AWS Enable RF Antenna Design Startup Optisys to Disrupt Market

Like many RF design firms, Optisys employs Ansys HFSS, a leading industry software, to perform electromagnetic (EM) simulations. Optisys uses the application to conduct RF simulations on 3D-printed antenna designs and predict their integrated performance. However, the company wanted to reduce the costs associated with running large, concurrent simulations.

Before adopting Rescale, Optisys had their Ansys HFSS and Mechanical licenses installed on local workstations, so that only one person was able to use them at a time at a given computer. Optisys ultimately decided to use the Rescale ScaleX® platform, running Amazon Web Services (AWS) hardware to run its Ansys EM simulations. “We did a brief search, and Rescale with AWS was the best out there for running Ansys on the cloud — absolutely the best,” says Hollenbeck. Rescale’s seamless deployment of its ScaleX platform allows Optisys to efficiently and securely connect to instant and scalable AWS resources via an easy-to-use, web-based workflow specifically tailored to solve engineering simulation problems.

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