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TurboTides is a fully integrated CAE system specialized in turbomachinery design optimization. Our modern and intuitive workflow is the first of its kind to include all necessary components for a typical turbomachinery design iteration on one unified platform with one common user-friendly interface. The all-inclusive system consists of cycle analysis, 1D meanline design and performance modeling, 2D through-flow and blade-to-blade analysis, 3D geometry generation, 3D CFD analysis and 3D FEA as well as unique built-in database and optimization support at each stage of the design.

The TurboTides design system, supported by its application-specific knowledgebase, helps engineers effectively design, model and optimize radial, axial and mixed flow turbomachinery, including compressors, turbines, pumps, blowers and fans.

TurboTides’ embedded database and its powerful CAD import capability allow designers to conveniently reuse existing designs, design practice and experimental or CFD data to make full use of their organization’s cumulative design experience, knowledge and resources.

TurboTides’ advanced data reduction process allows the creation of calibrated 1D performance models using data from either experimental testing or CFD simulations. These calibrated models match the data point-by-point and can then serve as an accurate basis for designing derivative stages with confidence, using such operations as scaling, trimming or changes of working fluid.

TurboTides also has significant engineering services experience and resources and can help customers who need to outsource such capabilities as: Aerodynamic/hydrodynamic design and analysis, Structural Analysis of stationary and rotating equipment, Advanced cycle design and analysis, Mechanical design, CAD, and Solid modeling, Manufacturing, assembly and test of prototype machines, validation studies, etc.

Our direct interface to Ansys TurboGrid/CFX makes it easy to seamlessly move from Design to Advanced CFD.

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