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Soft Engineering Group LLC

SEG LLC has provided the market with leading tools for CAE products simulation and CAD/CAM products. Our company offer licensing, support, training and technical consulting services high technology products.

The goal is to satisfy our customers in complex engineering tasks while maximizing the benefits of their software investments, which improves the design and makes their products better for the market.

Our vision is “Excellent engineering modeling”, these are technologies that provide new opportunities for the engineering community. Thanks to the competencies of our team and the possibility of engineering analysis, our customers will have a unique opportunity to get advanced modeling tools and knowledge, as well as speed and efficiency, which can be obtained with the right combination of the above.

SEG LLC is represented by its technical specialists in Kyiv, Kharkov and Dnipro cities. Among our customers are of Ukraine's leading companies in industry, engineering, construction, as well as young companies (Startups) and consultants at engineering organizations.

Furthermore, our consultings are used at universities and technical colleges at graduate.

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