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Shanghai Kunqin Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Kunqin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech company for IT products, services and solutions. We are committed to providing the information needed (CAD/CAE/Compile/EDA) software products, solutions, consulting services and system integration of professional software to the customer of Chinese manufacturing, engineering design, electronic hardware development, finite element analysis, and other industries. In the field of research and development of manufacturing, our core team consists of professionals with many years of experience in CAE field. The company has concentrated the professional talents, leading technology, first-class products and services and other resources in the field of manufacturing information, forming a distinctive core competitiveness, and we are good solution provider with strong service capabilities. Our company's purpose is to make enterprise research and development more efficient, more convenient and more reliable. We provide Ansys multi-physical simulation solutions and consulting services in the automotive, electrical, communications, power, chip design and high-tech fields. Ansys multi-field joint simulation is a complex scenario simulation that can solve the interaction of multiple physical field simulation, providing users with the most comprehensive and reliable simulation environment solutions.