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DATE: 11/19/2019

Autodesk and Ansys Drive Seamless Engineering Workflow Interoperability to Speed New Product Innovation

Collaboration eliminates engineering silos to significantly improve design efficiency

PITTSBURGH, November 19, 2019 – Autodesk, Inc. and Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) today announced the next step in a partnership that will allow seamless interoperability across Ansys and Autodesk products to drive revolutionary design and engineering agility for our customers. The collaboration connects Autodesk® Fusion 360®, integrated design and manufacturing software, with world-class Ansys® Mechanical™ simulation solutions to expedite products to market.

The collaboration breaks down silos in the product development process by driving a best-in-breed, connected and interoperable designer-to-analyst workflow. As engineers leverage Fusion 360, their results are automatically available in Ansys Mechanical for further refinement and validation. This open system workflow significantly improves efficiency in existing manual processes and can be combined to enhance new automated processes, like generative design, accelerating time to market and enabling multiple engineering teams to work effortlessly together.

Companies across industries are aligning with powerful ecosystem partners, sharing complimentary capabilities to meet challenging product innovation requirements. This has created a tectonic shift in these companies’ manufacturing processes, eliminating barriers between designers and analysts to simplify product development. As designers and analysts benefit from open and seamless workflow interoperability and utilize best-in-class engineering tools, companies are improving efficiency, cutting costs, fast-tracking innovation and speeding production.

"At Cornell University, we are educating and training the next generation of world-class engineers — our students will someday revolutionize industries," said Lance Collins, dean of engineering at Cornell University. "We use both Ansys and Autodesk solutions in our classrooms and are thrilled to see the two companies collaborating. Beyond discovering both products, our students will learn to use them together to achieve stronger results and – ultimately – innovate faster."

This new announcement builds on a previously announced relationship between Autodesk and Ansys to create a connected workflow for automotive companies that combines Autodesk’s VRED automotive 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software with Ansys' physics-based lighting simulation solutions. This enables automakers to enhance ultra-realistic visualizations of vehicle interiors and exteriors with highly accurate lighting simulation — significantly improving visual design review.

"Our relationship with Ansys connects our two companies' complementary technologies and skills to strengthen our joint value proposition, drive expansion across more value chains and unlock tremendous value for customers," said Greg Fallon, vice president of business strategy and marketing at Autodesk. "As designers utilize Fusion 360, their results are seamlessly processed with Ansys' interoperable, state-of-the-art simulation solutions. This new way of distributing synergistic capabilities across the designer-to-analyst workflow pushes customers' manufacturing process boundaries — significantly advancing the innovation of next-generation products."

"Product ideation and quality is a team sport which can be hampered by engineering silos," said Shane Emswiler, senior vice president and general manager at Ansys. "This partnership with Autodesk dramatically improves workflows between our tools to benefit our joint customers. We look forward to helping designers and analysts deliver greatly improved product performance, enhance efficiency and increase sustainability."

To learn more about how the partnership between Ansys and Autodesk will transform education at Cornell University, click here.


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