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Ansys Hybrid Compute Environment Security

Ansys takes the security of our customer data and IP seriously. Ansys Hybrid Compute Environment focuses on delivering a scalable, optimized, and secure environment where workloads, leveraging customer data and IP, can be deployed and run to maximize efficiencies. This allows Ansys to complete workloads and customer requests in the shortest period possible, while providing a secure environment which protects customer data and IP using industry recognized practices and security standards.

An Ansys Sanctioned Datacenter (ASDC) is a hybrid environment that uses a mix of Ansys on-premises facilities, third-party colocation providers (3rd Party Co-Lo Provider), and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Environments. Whether the ASDC is an on-prem facility, 3rd-Party Co-Lo Provider or a VPC Environment, it adheres to similar quality, security, data access restrictions, network standards, compliance reporting, and security auditing controls, to provide a high level of consistency across all Hybrid Cloud environments. ASDC environments implement data controls and restrict access to authorized personnel regarding the handling and management of customer data and IP.

The Key Benefits of the ASDC approach are the following:

  • Builds upon the native security controls and procedures of our IaaS Partners.
  • Adheres to the Ansys cybersecurity protocols and policies.
  • Provides for on-going penetration testing and environment scanning to limit future threats in an ever-changing security landscape.
  • Conforms to industry standards and practices regarding cloud security.

Ansys aims to deliver to our customers a seamless, efficient, and optimized experience as it relates to Hybrid Compute Environment workloads.

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