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Revolutionizing Space Exploration and Innovation With Digital Engineering

To gaze deep into the universe or explore it firsthand, to protect assets in space or the world beneath — simulation empowers innovators across the space industry.

An Operating Environment Like No Other

Space is the most daunting and unforgiving environment. Ansys offers simulation solutions that address all the needs of space missions — designing launch systems and spacecraft, planning operations, and sustaining missions. More importantly, our solutions can be combined to achieve an enterprise-level digital engineering environment that integrates with other software tools and data.

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    Secure and resilient communications
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    Radiation-hardened electronics and miniaturization
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    Space situational awareness
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    Space mission planning
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    Accurate sensor systems
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    New propulsion technologies
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Diverse Missions, Sharing Similar Challenges

All space missions have something in common: they aren't confined to the domain of space. Assets in space need to communicate with assets on Earth. Success requires integrating information and models from multiple domains to analyze system performance in variable conditions in space, on land, or anywhere.


Exploration and Scientific Research

Ansys simulation solutions have empowered some of the wildest ambitions and greatest missions in space science. By modeling the integrated performance of systems of systems, you can detect problems that will be before they become problems that are. And, full-physics mission modeling enables you to optimize mission trajectories.

Commercial Space

The commercialization of space is unlocking new possibilities even as it creates new problems. The crowding in Earth’s most useful orbit regimes poses an existential challenge for space operators. Ansys software solutions include some of the most accurate — and most trusted — orbit determination and conjunction analysis tools worldwide.

Space Superiority

Whether shortening an OODA loop or designing the next generation of defense systems, you must be faster than adversaries or competitors. Ansys digital engineering solutions enable you to collect, contextualize, and analyze data to make better decisions — from concept to deployment and operations.