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Electromagnetics Foundation Webinar Series

This 5-part webinar series describes Ansys Electromagnetic Simulation technology in detail and discusses the 30 year history of Computational Electromagnetics and its incorporation into Ansys EM solver technology. Users of Ansys EM tools & solvers will gain a more profound understanding of how Ansys EM simulation technology functions ‘under the hood.’

This unique series will be presented by senior technologists at Ansys – Directors, research Fellows and principal developers of the Ansys computational electromagnetics products.

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar on Demand
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Foundations of Semiconductor Power Integrity Analysis and Simulation

The SEVENTH installment of the Ansys HFSS Foundation webinar series is here! In this webinar, you will gain a deeper understanding of the mathematical underpinnings of Redhawk-SC and its application in Power analysis and Power integrity.

Speakers: Norman Chang and Altan Odabasi

Webinar on Demand
Foundations of Computational Electromagnetics

Discover the different ways to express Maxwell's equations: integral-vs-differential, time-vs-frequency domain, and how these give rise to different types of solvers. You'll get an overview of different approaches used for these solvers and the trade-offs for choosing the best solution method. 


Speaker: Eric Bracken, Ansys Fellow / Chief Technologist for the Electronics Business Unit at Ansy

Webinar on Demand
Ansys HFSS Magnetic Field Vectors
An Overview of the Foundations of Ansys HFSS and Ansys Maxwell Solver Technologies

We'll provide the critical technologies overview for HFSS and Maxwell, plus the recent advanced features. The various numerical methods (finite elements, integral equations, etc.) included in HFSS and Maxwell will be discussed and positioned with solver options such as direct and iterative algebraic solvers.


Speaker: Ping Zhou, Director R&D, Ansys

Webinar on Demand
The Foundation of Domain Decomposition Technologies in Ansys HFSS

We'll begin with a theoretical overview of domain decomposition formulations in HFSS and dive into how HFSS solvers evolved over the past decade. In-depth, we'll discuss the various DDM technologies available in HFSS, including 3D component array, FE-BI/IE Region, and mesh fusion.


Speaker: Zezhong Zhao

Webinar On Demand
Ray tracing simulation
Foundations of Ray Tracing Methods in Electromagnetics

This presentation includes foundations of shooting and bouncing rays (SBR) as a computational electromagnetic (CEM) methodology. You'll learn how traditional SBR extends in HFSS SBR+ to incorporate edge diffraction, creeping wave, and volumetric refraction mechanisms. Plus, we'll share practical applications of HFSS SBR+ for various use cases.


Speaker: Bob Kipp, Distinguished Engineer, Ansys

Webinar On Demand
Ansys HFSS Foundation Webinar Series
The Foundation of Computational Optics and Photonics

Covering the basics of ray tracing, including sequential and non-sequential methods, surface and volume scattering models, we'll show temperature and stress-dependent effects. You'll see full-wave time and frequency domain electromagnetic solvers for optics and photonics and how to simulate quantum photonic effects.


Speaker: Dr. James Pond, Principal Product Manager, Ansys

Webinar on Demand
closeup of silicon
The Foundations of the Ansys RaptorX Silicon-optimized Electromagnetic Solver

Focused on microchip-level electromagnetic issues, this webinar will explore the numerical methods and solving engines within the RaptorX solver. RaptorX was developed to model and simulate the complex electric and magnetic coupling effects manifesting themselves in today’s silicon, replete with mixed analog and digital circuit blocks & signaling, high bandwidth busses, gigahertz frequencies and multi-chip/stacked chip implementations.


Speaker: Dr. Kostas Nikellis, Director R&D, Ansys

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