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May 23, 2022

Simulation World 2022: There’s Still Time to Catch What You Missed

By all indications, Simulation World 2022 was a big hit this year! We’re grateful to everyone involved — from our speakers to the participants, and especially our Diamond Sponsors: AMD, AWS, Hewlett Packard + Intel, and Microsoft. So, just how well did we do? Approximately 17,500 registrants participated in 15,294 live day session views.

Were you able to attend this year’s event? Did you catch everything you wanted to, or did you leave Simulation World 2022 wanting more? With so much to see, it’s impossible to view the event in its entirety in just one day. Fortunately, there’s still time to begin or top off your experience by watching the sessions you missed. For a limited time, you can view most of them on-demand, for free.

If you’ve already registered, simply log in or register for Simulation World 2022 to catch everything you missed, whenever you can fit it in by October 31, 2022.  

So Many Great Speakers to See

With 90 speakers from some of the most innovative organizations on the planet, such as Google Cloud, NVIDIA, Boston Scientific, Siemens Energy, and many more, there was something for everyone. We encourage you to revisit the site to learn from and be inspired by their insights. Not sure what to watch? Check out some of the most attended on-demand presentations listed below to help guide your Simulation World 2022 viewing experience. Or better yet, visit the online agenda to see the complete speaker line-up.

Ansys President and CEO Ajei Gopal welcomes attendees to Simulation World 2022.

Ansys President and CEO Ajei Gopal welcomes attendees to Simulation World 2022.

  • If you haven’t heard keynote speaker Ajei Gopal, president and CEO of Ansys, you’ll want to check out his presentation Take a Leap of Certainty. You’ll hear how Ansys simulation is being used to inspire confidence during product development, and to look into the future to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what’s next.
  • Engineering Simulation for COVID-19 Safer Indoor Spaces: from Classrooms and Fitness Centers to Mega Discos and Sports Stadiums highlights research from Professor Bert Blocken, Ph.D. at Eindhoven University of Technology & KU Leuven. Using Ansys computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to analyze efficient, effective aerosol particle removal from stadiums, he discovered how to anticipate and meet ventilation requirements during pandemics and avoid lockdowns during sporting events.
  • Motorsports enthusiasts won’t want to miss Ferrari: Innovating and Winning with Ansys Simulation featuring Fernando Cannizzo, Head of GT Racing Car Design and Development at Ferrari Competizioni GT. Collaborating in Ansys CFD, Cannizzo’s team increased simulation productivity up to 300% to get new, remarkably robust designs on the track in a very short timeframe.
  • Scott Parent, CTO of Enterprise Research, and Digital Solutions at Baker Hughes discusses how Building a Culture of Disruptive Innovation with help from Ansys is driving clean energy technology forward. He shares how Baker Hughes is using simulation to explore hydrogen combustion in gas turbines, measure methane plumes, and capture CO2 from the air to help meet Paris Accord Zero Emissions standards.
  • Ansys simulation plays a big part in LG Electronics’ digital transformation strategy. During Simulation Driven Innovation In LG Electronics, Daewha Jeong, Executive Vice President at LG Electronics, talks about the role Ansys plays in growing LG’s simulation capacity to address increasing product complexity, robustness, and reliability to extend its reach to new consumer markets.

Again, these are just a few of the amazing sessions that you can still access via Simulation World on-demand. We encourage you to check out the full agenda. If you're feeling inspired while you're there, visit our social wall to post about your experience. 

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