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May 24, 2021

Reliability Engineering Services: Predict and Prevent Product Failures

Simulation is a critical tool for many manufacturers to determine where there may be failure or reliability risks in their product before building a physical product. Ansys simulation software has provided many companies with the tools to manufacture products faster, more reliably and with increased confidence. However, some companies may not have simulation software readily available, or have moved forward with a physical prototype only to find that it doesn’t meet their product goals or requirements.

This is where Ansys Reliability Engineering Services (RES) comes in, with advanced reliability solutions using physical testing, consulting and more.


What is Ansys RES?

Ansys RES is composed of a team of reliability experts who work one-on-one with you to develop customized reliability solutions for your specific challenges.

We offer 10 services:

  1. Accelerated Life Testing
  2. Battery Reliability
  3. Design Review
  4. Education and Training
  5. Failure Analysis
  6. Integrated Circuit Reliability
  7. Materials Characterization
  8. Simulation and Modeling
  9. Supplier Assessment
  10. Test Validation

Our team has decades of industry experience, with advanced degrees in physics, material science, chemistry, mechanical engineering and more, which they use to provide one-on-one consultation, advice and support.

Reliability Engineering Services: Predict and Prevent Product Product Failures

The Ansys Reliability Engineering Services mission


Ansys RES can be used in multiple stages of the product development process, (e.g., ideation and planning, designing, prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, etc.) to optimize product longevity, reliability and workflow processes. We will work with you to determine which of our services best fits your needs and provide the consulting and analysis necessary to solve your specific challenges.

How Reliability Engineering Works

The Ansys RES team works in a one-of-a-kind facility with more than 20,000 square feet of lab and test space, including 25 environmental chambers, dedicated component and sub-system testing areas, and a full-service material characterization and failure analysis lab.

Reliability Engineering Services: Predict and Prevent Product Product Failures


Our team works in the lab every day to set appropriate test parameters and interpret test results. However, we are not just a test lab, and we don’t just deliver test results. We deliver expert insight into what the results mean and how they can be used to optimize reliability and avoid inefficiencies.

Our goal at Ansys RES is aligning your quality and reliability processes to industry best practices, quickly solving challenging and time-sensitive problems with no increase in headcount and providing immediate access to leading experts in electronic design, production, testing and reliability assurance.

Learn more about Ansys Reliability Engineering Services.

Reliability Engineering Services: Predict and Prevent Product Product Failures

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