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June 7, 2022

Ansys Hosts Second Annual Technology Partner Day in Conjunction with Simulation World

Businesses cannot afford to risk their brand and company reputation on poorly designed, untested products. Their customers demand more of them every day, and they need modern product development tools and workflows to create industry-leading products.

At Ansys, we have been building an open ecosystem of best-in-class partnerships for many years. Together with our partners, we give customers the confidence to take more than an educated guess, or a leap of faith, as they design their products. We enable them to take a leap of certainty. We believe the Ansys partner ecosystem is the best in the business, and we are incredibly appreciative of their continued support as we help our customers transform the way they create products — predictably and with precision.

Ansys hosted its second annual Technology Partner Day in conjunction with Simulation World 2022. Our global partner community assembled for this virtual event to hear Ansys President and CEO Ajei Gopal’s keynote: “Take a Leap of Certainty.” The two-hour agenda was packed with partner-specific information, focusing on the importance of Ansys’ open partner ecosystem and the critical role partners play, working with Ansys to deliver best-in-class simulation workflows to our customers. Prith Banerjee, Ansys CTO, covered five key areas where partners are critical to our long-term technology strategy:

1. artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)

2. high-performance computing (HPC)

3. digital twins

4. healthcare

5. sustainability

Ajei Gopal, President and CEO of Ansys

Steve Pytel, vice president of product management, discussed how the unique combination of the Ansys product portfolio, platform, and our global partner ecosystem is redefining simulation in ways that enable people in every industry to change the world. I spoke of the impressive growth of the Ansys technology partner ecosystem in 2021, accelerating Ansys and its partners’ go-to-market strategy in next-generation use cases, and launched the new Ansys Technology Partner Program.

In closing, Nicole Anasenes, chief financial officer and senior vice president of finance, joined me to host the Ansys Technology Partner Awards. Award winners included PTC in the Growth category, EMA in Acceleration, AWS in Digital Transformation, ESSS in Rising Star, Microsoft in Best Marketing Events, HPE in Go-to-Market, and AMD in Innovation. The award winners joined the event to speak about why their relationship with Ansys is so critical to their business and customers.

Ajei Gopal, President and CEO of Ansys, and partner logos

Ansys President and CEO Ajei Gopal thanks the sponsors of the Technology Partner Day at Simulation World.

Thanking Ansys for recognizing PTC as our Growth Partner of the Year for the second year in a row, Bob Thompson spoke of the value our partnership brings to customers, saying, “We want to bring customers the best products possible, and Ansys is the world leader in simulation. Partnering makes enormous sense.”

John Twerdok, former Ansys employee now at EMA, spoke of the importance of a great customer experience, highlighting that, “The partnership EMA has experienced here with Ansys allowed customers to have a very easy business transaction and familiar user experience.”

Harish Surendranath from AWS spoke of speeding up customers’ product development processes, noting that the combination of AWS’ lack of upfront costs, scale, and flexibility with Ansys’ simulation technology breaks down old barriers to innovation and enables mutual customers to go even more quickly from idea to market.

Longtime Ansys advocate Marcus Reis of ESSS outlined the ingredients of our successful partnership, telling the audience that, “A good market [and] a good technology deeply integrated with the Ansys products leads to good results. In 13 months of this recent partnership for [Ansys] Rocky, we were able to increase enterprise agreements and bring new logos within the channels, so I'd say we're quite happy to see the adoption and how fast we were enabling the Ansys team and educating the market on the applications that they are now able to model."

Microsoft’s Orlando Escalante spoke of our customer alignment, saying, “The great engagements that we have been able to drive together have been fabulous and fantastic and have allowed us to reach a big group of engineers and customers that need our joint solutions.”

Tony DeVarco of Hewlett Packard Enterprise emphasized the long history of HPE, including SGI and Cray — both now part of HPE — in collaborating with Ansys to solve customers’ toughest simulation challenges. He pointed out how we jointly team with customers, stating that, “engineering-driven Ansys customers respect and respond not to our selling to them; rather, they value our ability to serve as a trusted advisor and partner who understands their pain points and can help solve them together.”

Finally, Brock Taylor of AMD focused on the future of innovation, including sustainability, acknowledging, “The injection of technology into every aspect of our world is speeding up. Providers like AMD and Ansys are contributing to that, and we have to extend our innovation efforts all the way to the users themselves, by making it easier for innovators to access and use HPC and simulation technologies.”

Ansys’ robust technology partner community integrates with, extends, and provides the necessary cloud and HPC infrastructure to support our extensive product line across many industries, strengthening our foundation and extending our reach into next generation use cases, including 5G, autonomous, electrification, industrial internet of things (IIoT), and sustainability.

Thank you to our Diamond sponsors AMD, AWS, HPE Intel, and Microsoft for your partnership and your generous support of Simulation World.

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