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Introduction to materials data management with Ansys Granta MI

Materials data management is pivotal for any engineering discipline as it ensures consistency, comparability, traceability and efficient re-use of data which is necessary to guarantee interoperability between the actors and stages of the product lifecycle. This lecture unit helps you to understand the basics of materials data, including its origin, types, and usage. Moreover, it elucidates data management workflows, systems and schemas, and standardized materials data storage formats and provides some relevant examples. Lastly, it discusses technical, legal and ethical considerations, including for instance the FAIR principles.


Learning Outcomes

  • Broad knowledge of materials data and data management
  • Ability to define different types of material data and to build material databases
  • Awareness of how materials data can be used and analyzed


Applicable Courses for Use

  • Mechanical, Design & Data Engineering
  • Material Science and Engineering
  • Data Strategy & Science
  • Information Technology & Data Management
Introduction to materials data management with Ansys Granta MI

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