Ansys HUD Simulation Webinar Series – Windshield as a Key Optical Element


This webinar showcases Ansys’ virtual prototyping solution dedicated to the development of automotive head-up displays (HUDs) and focuses automotive windshields — key optical elements of HUD systems. Since their introduction, windshields have evolved according to design trends, with the sole requirement of guaranteeing safety. Critical issues discovered during a windshield’s physical prototyping stage require costly retrofit and, if not detected, may compromise passenger safety and vehicle’s perceived quality.

Ansys’ virtual prototyping solution helps you qualify and evaluate different windshield design options early in your development process. By evaluating the optical quality of the image using a virtual prototype, you are empowered to make the right decision, whether you are manufacturing the windshield or the car. Discover how to visualize, measure and manage ghost images, one of the most pressing issues in HUD design.


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