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Digitally Modeling and Analyzing 5G Infrastructure Performance Across Dynamic Urban Operations

The increasing demand for 5G and future networks is critical to support rapidly growing smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, autonomous vehicles, and cellular communication systems. This will require faster data transfer and the capacity to support a higher density of users.

Digitally designing, testing, and analyzing 5G networks and supporting infrastructure begins with considering equipment placement and an understanding of anticipated service and performance obtained from the proposed design. To fully understand a dynamic network’s potential performance, high-fidelity models of service antennas, EDGE nodes, and user equipment are required.

AGI’s Systems Tool Kit (STK), a physics-based modeling and simulation environment, is the advanced multi-physics solvers available within the Ansys Electronics suite. Add 5G-specific network emulation tools provided by Scalable Network Technologies, network planners and designers can rapidly analyze and understand design trade-offs and performance impacts across the entire design space.

What you will learn

  • Learn how network planners and designers rapidly can analyze and understand design trade-offs and performance impacts across the full design space
  • Watch demo providing detailed modeling and simulation capabilities ready to support systems engineers, communication equipment designers, and infrastructure planning efforts at every step of their 5G simulation process journey

Who should attend

Anyone interested in system-to-system design, smart connected cities, antenna placements


  • Nate McBee, Senior Manager Product Management, Ansys
  • Valerie Lesser, Application Engineer II, Ansys
  • Karynna Tuan, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys


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