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Ansys 2022 R2: What’s New in Ansys HFSS

Learn about the latest updates and newest functionality in Ansys HFSS. This webinar will show new features & capabilities in detail, including flex PCB modeling and simulation support, IC design flows with encrypted IP, and further reductions in simulation turnaround time without accuracy loss.

August 2, 2022
11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST / 8:30 PM IST


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About this Event

As the leader in computational electromagnetic modeling and simulation software for the last four decades, Ansys HFSS technology continues to evolve with new features, capabilities, and workflows. Accurately simulating objects from complex microelectronics to multiple city blocks, HFSS provides the gold standard in electromagnetics simulation. 

What you will learn 

·       HFSS 3D Layout Flex PCB workflow helps users set up flex PCB cable designs for rigorous 3D simulations

·       Encrypted HFSS 3D layout components now extend to support IC design flows using encrypted IP

Multiple enhancements to HFSS performance further reduce design and simulation turnaround time 

Who Should Attend

current HFSS users


matt commens

Matt Commens is the Senior Manager for Product Management at Ansys. With over 25 years of experience working with electromagnetic simulation, including antenna and RF design and high-performance computing, Matt leads the HFSS product line. He is co-author on multiple patents in the areas of NMR, antenna design and computational electromagnetics.