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High Tech Content & Webinar Series

Accelerate your High Tech Innovations and design for radio, devices, network and datacenter with Ansys multiphysics solutions.

This dynamic content and webinar series showcases the past, present and future of mobile networking, and how the convergence of 5G, edge computing and artificial intelligence machine learning will change the industry landscape.

Additionally, it illustrates the 3D Component Domain Decomposition Method workflow for the analysis of phased array antennas and also demonstrates handheld antennas.  

Upcoming Live Webinars

Live Webinar
September 12, 2023 11 AM EST
Ansys 2023 R2 HFSS
Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys HFSS, SIwave, and Q3D What’s New

The 2023 R2 update for Ansys High Frequency Electronics products is enormous. In this webinar, you’ll learn about new capabilities in HFSS for 3D Layout that bolsters electromagnetic simulation support for IC design and antenna modeling in large platforms, multiple power and thermal improvements for SIwave, and new solver and electrothermal capabilities in Q3D.

Live Webinar
September 14, 2023 11 AM EST
Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Thermal Integrity What’s New

See the improvements to Ansys Icepak and Ansys Mechanical Thermal as part of the 2023 R2 update to Thermal Integrity for Electronics. Solver and meshing improvements are combined with integrations to other Ansys simulators to enhance designer modeling and simulation of electronics products from a multiphysics standpoint.

Live Webinar
September 18, 2023 2 PM EDT / 11 AM PDT
The Art of Optimizing Efficiency and Thermal Performance in Wireless Chargers ​

Learn how Ansys Maxwell can impact EM performance due to permanent magnets used for coil alignment, predict core and AC losses to obtain thermal performance and generate a frequency-dependent RL matrix. 


Live Webinar
September 19, 2023 11 AM EST
Antenna pattern
Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys EMC Plus What’s New

The 2023 R2 update to Ansys EMC Plus (formerly EMA3D Cable) includes increased mesh engine adaptability, far-field antenna emissions in platform simulations, and an automated PCB import capability.

Live Webinar
September 21, 2023 11 AM EDT / 4 PM GMT / 8:30 PM IST
Ansys 2023 R2 Charge Plus
Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Charge Plus What’s New

Ansys Charge Plus (formerly EMA3D Charge) has received some important updates in the 2023 R2 release, including integration of its PIC and CFD solvers with Ansys Chemkin-Pro, improvements to plasma and gas flow modeling, and updates to the mesh engine.

Live Webinar
October 16, 2023 11 AM EDT / 8 AM PDT
Achieve Compact and Integrated Power Supply Designs in Consumer Electronics

Learn how to use Ansys workflow for power supply analysis, analyze compact planar magnetic transformers and reduce conducted emissions in electronic power supplies.

Live Webinar
November 13, 2023 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST
Get the Right Permanent Magnet Latching System in Portable Devices

Learn how Ansys Maxwell can perform PM modeling and analysis to further the study of motion kinematics of magnetic latching accessories.


Live Webinar
December 11, 2023 11 AM PST / 8 PM CET / 12:30 AM IST
Solve EM Fields and Forces in PCBs for Consumer Electronics ​

Sign up for the fifth Magnetics & Consumer Electronics Design series webinar. Learn how Ansys tools can improve PCB designs, simulate low-frequency EM fields to identify potential EMI/EMC issues, predict electric current distribution on PCBs, study EM forces generated by magnetic fields of permanent magnets, and more.

Live Webinar
January 15, 2024 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST
Speed Up Your Electronic Component Design with HPC ​

Sign up for the last Magnetics & Consumer Electronics Design series webinar. Learn how Ansys Maxwell can provide a wealth of information to tackle complex EM computational challenges and the power of TDM in various applications. Learn how to scale computational resources efficiently.


Live Webinar
September 21, 2023 3 PM CET
Metaverse Industry Thumbnail
Ansys CTO Office in EMEA Presents: Metaverse and the Industry

Based on Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality technologies, the metaverse is seen as the future of digital simulation. Conducive to collaboration between engineers worldwide, giving them access to a potentially infinite database of digital twins and the ability to collaborate. Don't miss this upcoming special presentation.

On Demand Webinars

Sustainability Thumbnail
Ansys CTO Office in EMEA Presents: Modeling and Simulation for Sustainability

Sustainability decisions made early during product design affect businesses, impacting time to market, quality, and cost. Simulation is essential to solving complex engineering challenges. Take advantage of this upcoming webinar


Base-Station Antenna Placement and Operations for 5G/6G Communications

The fifth/sixth generation (5G/6G) mobile networks support the growth of many applications. From delivering a new entertainment experience, they serve as the backbone of intelligent autonomous mobility, revolutionizing healthcare and propelling manufacturing into a new era of smart connected factories and products. 5G/6G ties together billions of cellular devices, millions of autonomous vehicles, and trillions of sensors. 5G/6G will significantly increase performance and efficiency over the previous mobile networks. 

Multiphysics Analysis Thumbnail
Multiphysics Analysis and Reliability for 5G/6G Antenna System Design

The fifth/sixth generation (5G/6G) mobile networks support the growth of many applications, such as new entertainment experiences, intelligent autonomous mobility, revolutionizing healthcare, and propelling manufacturing into a new era of smart connected factories. Take advantage of this antenna system Multiphysics and Design Reliability presentation for 5G/6G.

Base-Station Antenna 350x250
Base-Station Antenna System Design for 5G/6G Communications

The fifth/sixth generation (5G/6G) mobile networks support the growth of many applications, such as new entertainment experiences, intelligent autonomous mobility, revolutionizing healthcare, and propelling manufacturing into a new era of smart connected factories. Don't miss this presentation on antenna system design for 5G/6G.


AI Engineering Era Thumbnail
Ansys CTO Office in EMEA Presents: AI in the Engineering Era

AI/ML turns legacy data into high-value assets, as it takes a lot of data to train AI properly. Using past simulation results and data to learn and approach new design challenges is similar to leveraging the expertise of a team of senior designers but with a more significant advantage. Sign up for this upcoming presentation.

3D-IC TI3 Thumbnail
Thermal Integrity Challenges and Solutions of Silicon Interposer Design

In this latest installment of the year-long 3D-IC webinar series, Dr. Lang Lin will discuss the Thermal Integrity issues associated with 3D-IC designs. The presentation will cover thermal hotspots, mechanical stresses induced by thermal issues, and methods for capturing these problems with simulation and virtual prototyping, with a focus on designs that utilize silicon interposers.


Ansys EMA3D: Workflow Platform Integrations and Multiphysics Simulation

This capstone webinar of the series shows how the solver technologies described in the previous webinars integrated into the Ansys platform and multi-physics workflows. See how the EMA3D Python Application Programming Interface (API), or pyEMA3D, allows for multi-tool workflows and optimized product designs to leverage Ansys ModelCenter.

Webinar On Demand
Signal Integrity Issues for Silicon Interposers

The development of applications like high-performance computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) processors, and Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) chips involves advanced packaging technologies that radically alter traditional design methodologies and flows. 

Webinar On Demand
EMI and ESD Simulation of an Entire Electronic Device

This webinar, the 4th in a 5-part series, explores the use of EMA3D tools in conjunction with other Ansys computational electromagnetic simulation tools for modeling and simulating EMI effects in entire electronic systems. Integrations between EMA3D products and other Ansys tools, solver technology details, and the ability to simulate EMI and ESD effects.

Nokia and Ansys Presents: Automated Cloud Driven Scheduling and Optimization of 5G Phased Antenna Array

This presentation will show a real 5G phased antenna array optimization workflow within the Ansys product family, where Ansys ModelCenter is the orchestrator scheduling the optimizer's design variations.

Cutting-edge Analysis of EDGE Compute Nodes & 5G

This webinar will benefit engineers, designers, operators, and analysts working in technologies such as 5G/6G, autonomous vehicle control, AR/VR applications, eVTOL, emergency communications, smart factory operation, smart cities, and large IoT systems.  

Webinar on Demand
Digitally Modeling and Analyzing 5G Infrastructure Performance Across Dynamic Urban Operations
Digitally Modeling and Analyzing 5G Infrastructure Performance Across Dynamic Urban Operations

See how you can rapidly analyze and understand design trade-offs and performance impacts across the full design space during the 5G infrastructure planning journey. Don't miss this presentation to learn more about these AGI’s innovations.

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