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Solve EM Fields and Forces in PCBs for Consumer Electronics ​

Sign up for the fifth Magnetics & Consumer Electronics Design series webinar. Learn how Ansys tools can improve PCB designs, simulate low-frequency EM fields to identify potential EMI/EMC issues, predict electric current distribution on PCBs, study EM forces generated by magnetic fields of permanent magnets, and more.


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About this Webinar

This webinar will demonstrate how Ansys tools can improve PCB designs for higher performance and reliability. Ansys Maxwell simulates low-frequency (LF) EM fields to identify potential EMI/EMC issues for shielding and grounding purposes. Engineers can also predict electric currents distributed throughout the PCB power traces and study the EM forces generated by the magnetic field of the permanent magnets. Computed broadband forces are mapped to Ansys Mechanical for NVH analysis to reduce undesired mechanical vibrations.​

What You Will Learn

  • Design and development of electronic circuits and PCBs
  • Model detailed printed circuit boards
  • Perform electromagnetic analysis to import EM sources
  • Conduct mechanical analysis to identify noise sources

Who Should Attend

PCB Designers, Consumer Electronics Engineers, Systems Engineers, Power Solutions Engineers, SI/PI Engineers, Product Design Engineers, Power Module Engineers


Tianze Kan and Marius Rosu