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Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy
Streamline Development & Validation of L2+, L3 & above ADAS/AD systems

A new end-to-end safety-driven solution can deliver up to 100,000x reductions in development cost and time to compliance.

Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy

MBSE Driven, Cloud Native, Modular Simulation Toolchain for Safety Validation

Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy enables L2+, L3, and above ADAS/AD systems by helping to simulate majority of the required driving tests via virtual simulation. AVxcelerate Autonomy can deliver up to 100,000x reduction in cost and time to compliance. Achieve at least a 100x reduction due to virtualization of the actual drive and an additional 1000x reduction by adaptive optimization in the cloud.

  • Expansive Scenario Variation
    Expansive Scenario Variation
  • Adaptive Cloud Optimization
    Adaptive Cloud Optimization
  • ISO 26262 Certification (pending)
    ISO 26262 Certification (pending)
  • Sensitivity Analysis
    Sensitivity Analysis
  • Reliability Analysis
    Reliability Analysis
  • L2+/L3 Signoff & Homologation
    L2+/L3 Signoff & Homologation
Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy

Quick Specs

AVxcelerate Autonomy combines statistical analysis and simulation at scale. It automates the scenario exploration to demonstrate and continuously validate the software and systems necessary for the safety of the ADAS/AD.

  • Cloud Native
  • Modular Toolchain
  • ASAM Standards
  • Safety Driven
  • Open Architecture
  • Lightweight Driving Simulator


Powerful Digital Engineering Technology to Virtually Validate Known and Unknown Driving Scenarios

AVxcelerate Autonomy is a flexible, modular, and MBSE-driven solution that can determine the probability of failure for ADAS/AD functions. Our proprietary optimization algorithm's adaptive nature helps deliver a 1000x reduction in testing time required for safety validation.

AVxcelerate Autonomy Product Page


Key Features

Take advantage of the versatility and unique features of AVxcelerate Autonomy to bring your ADAS/AD projects to completion.

  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Modular Toolchain & Open Architecture
  • Cloud Native for Continuous Testing
  • Understanding how changes in input variables affect the system allows developers to optimize the software for efficiency and responsiveness in various real-world conditions.
  • Scenario parameter variation can cover the design space with state-of-the-art grid sampling or a Latin hypercube algorithm.
  • The variation can use classic Monte-Carlo exploration of the operational design domain (ODD) and evaluate each sample's key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Ansys provides a unique adaptive sampling exploration of the ODD that reduces the number of simulations required by a factor of 1000 while maintaining accuracy.
  • During simulation execution, ASAM Open Simulation Interface (OSI) generates messages over an RTI DDS communication backbone, simplifying connections to customer software stacks and proprietary KPI evaluators.
  • Additionally, this product offers REST APIs for easy integration with preferred ALM, PLM, TestManager, and CI/CD pipelines, streamlining your workflow.
  • CI/CD integration makes it seamless to process the continuous validation and safety homologation before deploying a new software version to the vehicle fleet over the air.

Ansys software is accessible

It's vital to Ansys that all users, including those with disabilities, can access our products. As such, we endeavor to follow accessibility requirements based on the US Access Board (Section 508), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the current format of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

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