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Ansys Scade One

Develop safe and reliable embedded software, reduce development time and costs, and secure your certification journey.

Scade One

Model, verify and automatically generate safe and reliable applications

Scade One is a model-based solution for developing embedded applicative software, enabling a seamless Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) process.

Accessible to system designers and embedded programmers, Scade One bridges the gap between the ease of use of model-based tools with an intuitive and engaging user interface and the power of generic-purpose programming languages for developing control, mission, and autonomy software.

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    Visual coding experience
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    Open model-based approach
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    Open ecosystem
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    Effective collaboration
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    Safe and reliable code generation
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    Wide scope of applications


Model, Simulate, and Generate

Scade One is a model-based solution for the development of embedded applicative software, which enables a seamless Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) process from the start.


Key Features

Model, verify, and automatically generate safe and reliable applications with high dependability requirements for any embedded system.

  • Swan language
  • Intuitive modeling
  • Debug/simulation
  • Graphical panels
  • System architecture modeling and import
  • SCADE Suite migration
  • Automatic code generation
  • Python APIs
  • Extension and improvement of Scade 6, the underlying SCADE Suite language
  • Mix of dataflow and state machines
  • Groups for more readable block diagrams
  • Safe loop-like constructs, and more intuitive
  • Variant types for richer data structures
  • Separation of module interfaces from implementation
  • Design models using diagrams and/or text
  • Auto-layout and smart guides for highly readable diagrams
  • Smart services, and on-the-fly model checks, for instantaneous feedback on errors and quick fixes
  • User assistance, to get familiar with the tool quickly


  • Control execution, step-by-step and periodical
  • Observe model values and states
  • Full breadth and depth of the Swan language to describe debug and test scenarios, in addition to (tabular) data or predefined libraries of stimuli
  • Graphical panels in test harnesses, for interactive debug and simulation
  • Web-based System Architecture Modeler (SAM), on cloud or on-premise, for easy access.
  • Powerful real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on system model development at the same time, and to see in real time how other users are contributing to the system architecture.
  • Automated import of relevant parts from the system model (software architecture, blocks, and interfaces) into the Scade One software model.
  • Automatic import of Scade 6.6 models into Swan models 
  • Generated C code is safe, secure, portable, and reliable, meeting the requirements of mission and safety-critical embedded systems.
  • Integrated in any hardware/software environment.
  • Code is human-readable and efficient in terms of memory size and execution time, with similar levels of performance as hand-written code.
  • Traceability between the generated code and the models is automatically generated.
  • Generated code is compliant to well-established C language development guidelines for safety, security, and reliability for embedded systems, such as MISRA-C and CERT-C.
  • Model access API, to read the contents of Swan models, fully aligned with PyAnsys



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Scade One: Ushering in a New Era of Model-based Software Development

Ansys SCADE is the industry standard for developing critical embedded software via a model-based environment. With its new solution, Scade One, Ansys is set to not just lead the industry, but revolutionize it.

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Scade One – A Visual Coding Experience

This blog introduces the new modern user interface and user experience of Scade One, designed to make the tool intuitive and engaging.

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Scade One – Bridging the Gap between Model-Based Design and Traditional Programming

We’ll show how Scade One combines the ease of use of model-based tools and the power and expressivity of programming languages. New modeling constructs allow Scade One to be used both in traditional control software and more complex mission and autonomy software.

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Scade One – An Open Model-Based Ecosystem, Ready for MBSE

Scade One is designed to be integrated into a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) process, and is bundled with the Ansys System Architecture Modeler, a web-based SysML v2 modeler. We’ll also describe the import of software component interfaces from SysML v2 into Scade One.

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Scade One – Democratizing model-based development

We’ll introduce the new entry-level offering of Scade One, making the model-based approach, used successfully for safety-critical applications for more than 20 years, accessible to any company developing safe and reliable embedded software.



Introducing Ansys Scade One

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