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Accelerating Advanced Defense Technology

Ansys simulation solutions help accelerate modernization and optimize sustainment of defense technology from the microchip to the mission. Delivering advanced capabilities more quickly enables defense leaders to stay ahead of the threat.

Accelerating Defense Technology Modernization and Optimizing Sustainment

Defense technology is mission critical. It must constantly improve to stay ahead of threat and perform without fail in the harshest of environments.

By deploying physics-based simulation across all phases of the acquisition process, from technology maturation to engineering, manufacturing, deployment and operations, defense leaders can significantly accelerate technology modernization initiatives and optimize sustainment to dramatically improve equipment operational availability. 

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    Reduce risks and timelines
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    Validate requirements immediately
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    Transition to operations rapidly
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    Get better and faster portfolio investment insights
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Defense Technology Trends and Applications

Ansys software is integral to many rapidly advancing technologies and can be found serving a vast array of purposes across an equally vast array of industries. To learn more about how our simulation solutions contribute to the technology trends and application areas that are most relevant to the defense industry, check out the pages highlighted here.

Ansys Advantage: Digital Engineering Takes Flight

Learn how aerospace and defense organizations are applying digital engineering to stay ahead of adversaries and competitors.

Ansys Advantage Issue 1 2023 Banner

Explore digital engineering success stories across the sector — commercial aerospace, defense, and space.

Digital engineering holds enormous potential for efficiency and innovation across all the great initiatives now before A&D organizations.

The aerospace and defense industry was one of the first to embrace computer-aided engineering (CAE), but it has since acted slowly to expand digitalization efforts. Stepping forward into digital transformation will help these companies solve many of their challenges faster and at lower cost, delivering products to market sooner. So, it’s worth asking the question: Why haven’t they taken this step earlier?

This issue of Ansys Advantage seeks to prove the value of embracing digital engineering, as seen through the stories of organizations that have done so already. Within these pages, you can explore some of the ways in which digital engineering is empowering innovation in autonomous systems, spectrum operations, propulsion systems, light weighting and aerodynamics, and more.

Ansys Customers Take a Leap of Certainty in Defense Technology

Simulation is essential to digital transformation in the defense industry. Here are some powerful examples of how Ansys solutions have helped defense customers succeed.


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Multimodal Synthetic Sensor Data for Safe Flight Operation

Learn how an Ansys-based simulation environment is capable of simulating different sensor modalities (such as visible camera, LiDAR, and RADAR), supported by sensor data acquired in the real world.

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