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Accelerating Advanced Defense Technology

Ansys simulation solutions help accelerate modernization and optimize sustainment of defense technology from the microchip to the mission. Delivering advanced capabilities more quickly enables defense leaders to stay ahead of the threat.

Accelerating Defense Technology Modernization and Optimizing Sustainment

Defense technology is mission critical. It must constantly improve to stay ahead of threat and perform without fail in the harshest of environments.

By deploying physics-based simulation across all phases of the acquisition process, from technology maturation to engineering, manufacturing, deployment and operations, defense leaders can significantly accelerate technology modernization initiatives and optimize sustainment to dramatically improve equipment operational availability. 

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    Reduce risks and timelines
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    Validate requirements immediately
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    Transition to operations rapidly
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    Get better and faster portfolio investment insights
MIssion Critical

Defense Technology Trends and Applications

Ansys software is integral to many rapidly advancing technologies and can be found serving a vast array of purposes across an equally vast array of industries. To learn more about how our simulation solutions contribute to the technology trends and application areas that are most relevant to the defense industry, check out the pages highlighted here.

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True Digital Transformation With Ansys Software

The challenge

“We must transform how digital engineering is done today in order to move faster than the threats ahead of us. Adversaries know this and are not bogged down with acquisition, development, and political bureaucracies, and move at or faster than commercial pace.”

Brig Gen (Ret.), Steven J. Bleymaier,
CTO for A&D, Ansys

The solution

Ansys simulation solutions enable a true digital transformation: an open ecosystem, a mission-centric alignment across teams, and a connected digital thread to facilitate and hold that alignment.

With an open ecosystem, you can use the best combination of tools for the many jobs across your teams and share the resulting models and data. You can automate tools and the hand-offs that pass models and data between them, too. But this just sets the stage.

Add digital mission engineering to analyze how the product or platform will perform in its operational environment, and you gain insights far beyond requirements validation. Model the world and your systems in motion, and you put the mission at the center of all your life cycle phases — ideation, design, development, test, operations, sustainment.

Finally, when you connect all this data and these models across teams and across life cycle phases, you create an authoritative source of truth that provides continuous validation for the entire product or platform. Now you can see how it will all work out — or won’t.

If all this seems cutting edge, that’s because it is. But in today’s defense industry, your approach must be as innovative as the systems you’re trying to deliver.

Ansys Customers Take a Leap of Certainty in Defense Technology

Simulation is essential to digital transformation in the defense industry. Here are some powerful examples of how Ansys solutions have helped defense customers succeed.


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