Automotive Webinar Series

Learn from the leading automotive companies how they use simulation to drive innovation and enter the market with new technologies.

The automotive industry is undergoing a disruptive transition: markets and regulations have become more demanding and require new technologies and business models. This influences how we work and also changes long-established development processes.

Digitalization, virtual testing and simulation are essential ingredients to master those challenges.

Don't miss these Blockbuster Automotive Webinars:

Block Buster Webinar
March 24,2021 3:00 PM CET / 2:00 GMT / 9:00 AM EST
Ansys Automotive ZF Webinars

Improvement of Thermal CFD EM-Models by Introduction of FMU Sub-Models

The thermal simulation of electric traction motors is very sensitive to a variety of physical processes that cannot be calculated within one solver.

Learn how introducing metamodels to the solver can significantly improve the results of thermal co-simulations of electric traction motors.

Application Field: Electrification
Speaker: M.Sc. Philipp Neidhardt, Simulation Engineer | ZF Friedrichshafen AG, E-Mobility

Block Buster Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars continental sherlock

Integrating Ansys Sherlock into Continental Automotive’s Design Process

The use of electronics is ever-increasing in automotive applications. New innovations such as active and passive safety systems, electric propulsion and semi and fully autonomous vehicles have all contributed to this increase.

This webinar spotlights how Continental Automotive has used Ansys Sherlock, Ansys Icepak and Ansys Workbench to predict solder fatigue due to system-level effects such as thermomechanical, shock and vibration influences early in the design process.

Application Field:
Speaker: Tony A. Asghari - Principal Staff Engineer, Continental Automotive

Block Buster Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars IDR Volkswagen

The ID.R - Success Through Simulation — in Only 250 Days

Development cycles in motorsports are usually quite short; this is also becoming true for standard car development. To reduce testing and the time necessary to plan, design and produce a car, the application of modern engineering simulation methods is crucial.

This webinar focuses on the development of the Volkswagen ID.R — an electric-powered, high-performance prototype car — which was developed in roughly eight months. This was only possible through the massive use of a wide range of simulation tools in fields like structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and system simulation. Some of these applications and the resulting solutions will be shown in this webinar.

Application Field: Electrification
Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Ahrenholz, Head of CAE Department at Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

In addition to our series of blockbuster webinars delivered by distinguished members of the automotive industry worldwide, be sure to check out the rest of our automotive webinar offerings, including new presentations by Ansys experts in various aspects of autonomous vehicle development, as well as previously held webinars that are available to watch on-demand.

Webinar Series
March 15,2021 March 15-22 | 9 AM PDT / 1 PM GMT / 6:30 PM IST
Ansys Automotive Webinars auto ws lp animation

Reinforcement learning with Physic-based Real Time Radar for Longitudinal Vehicle Control

This live stream webinar highlights physics-based real-time radar simulation applied to a reinforcement learning model for performing longitudinal vehicle control. The Real Time Radar (RTR) simulation introduces a new paradigm for sensor development by leveraging GPU acceleration and new algorithms to accelerate simulation by orders of magnitude without compromising accuracy.

We will demonstrate how to use the open-source driving simulator CARLA and RTR technology integrated via the standardized open simulation interface (OSI).

Application Field:
ADAS and Autonomous Driving

Upcoming Webinar
April 14,2021 9 AM EDT / 2 PM GMT / 6:30 PM IST
Ansys Automotive Webinars parametric optimization

Parametric Optimization: What If Your Design Could Be Better?

Traditional design techniques rely heavily on prior experience and produce good results in the right hands. But what if your designs could be improved? Have you considered the full design envelope? How robust is your design?

This webinar spotlights how Ansys optiSlang’s parametric optimization application helps automotive customers identify and vary key design parameters to identify optimal solutions that meet one or multiple design goals.

Speaker: Johannes Einzinger, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys
Application Field: Parametric Optimization

Upcoming Webinar
April 28,2021 3:00 PM CET / 2:00 PM GMT / 9 AM EST
Ansys Automotive Webinars structural optimization

Structural Optimization & Additive Manufacturing: A Winning Combination

This webinar showcases how combining the flexibility of Ansys Additive Suite’s additive manufacturing techniques with the power of Ansys Motion’s topological optimization enables customers to design and manufacture highly efficient and optimized parts to meet all constraints and maximize performance.

Speaker: Sebastian Stahn, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

Webinars on Demand

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars exploring cfd

Exploring Ansys CFD and Ansys optiSLang for Automotive HVAC design

This webinar examines how Ansys Fluent and Ansys OptiSLang can drive virtual product development and robust design optimization to support significant improvement in passenger thermal comfort.

In particular, we will go through the main tasks of the simulation workflow such as: the creation and parametrization of an accurate fluid simulation of a generic SUV HVAC cabin starting from unconnected STL format surfaces, the analysis of the parameters fields to optimize performance and the creation of a reduced order model for faster exploration of the design space.

Application Field: Automotive
Speakers: Pedro Afonso, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys | Yann Ravel, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars battery characterization

Advancing electric vehicle battery characterization by integrating drive cycle on cooling impacts

Researchers worldwide are trying to develop a better battery to replace Li-ion technology. For now, optimizing the configuration of Li-ion batteries is the best method of increasing battery performance, but batteries are complex systems that are difficult to model and test using physical prototypes.

Application Field: Electrification
Speakers: Rolf Reinelt, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys | Samuel Talvy, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars ferrari simulation

How Ansys Simulation Software helps Ferrari Competizioni GT revolutionize Interior Development

Car vehicle interiors have evolved since the dawn of automotive. As time passed, a variety of functions and electronics changed the feel of car interiors and the cockpits of the future will be dominated by displays.

This webinar showcases how Ferrari Competizioni GT engineers collaborate with Ferrari’s HMI engineering department and leverage Ansys SPEOS and Ansys VRXPERIENCE HMI software to efficiently optimize the driving experience and evaluate new driving strategies for track drivers.

Application Field: ADAS and Autonomous Driving
Speaker: Thomas Martineau – Ansys Application Engineer II

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars thermal analysis

High-Fidelity Thermal Analysis for the Design and Verification of Electric Motors

Design and optimization of high-performance electric machines (e.g., motors and generators) require a multistage process to account for three major performance metrics: electromagnetic, structural/acoustic and thermal. Traditionally, designs were based on a single physics and were conducted by separate engineering groups. Now, by using a multiphysics and system platform, you can consider all critical design goals simultaneously without compromising solution accuracy. In this webinar, we’ll discuss accurate CFD/thermal solutions that enable faster, more reliable and more efficient electric machine designs.

Application Field: Electrification
Speaker: Davide Frigerio, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars Radar Driving Scenario Simulations

High-Fidelity Radar Driving Scenario Simulations

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are at the core of automotive safety and will serve as the enabling technologies for autonomous vehicles. In this webinar we explore a high-resolution MIMO radar system simulation in realistic driving scenarios. A full physics-based radar scene corner case is modeled to obtain high-fidelity range-Doppler maps. We investigate the effects of inclined roads on late pedestrian detection as well as the effects of construction metal plate radar-returns on false target identification. The radar returns will be processed into Range-Doppler and Angle of Arrival maps. Additionally, micro-Doppler signatures by vehicles and pedestrians will be studied using full-physics simulation.

Application Field: ADAS and Autonomous Driving
Speaker: Amazir Moknache, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars micro doppler

Micro-Doppler Simulation for Auto Radar Applications

Multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) radar enables “4D imaging” for driver-assistance and automated driving systems. 

This webinar will describe the application of HFSS SBR+ to accurately model the physical interaction of radar with dynamic objects to predict radar performance and capture the micro-Doppler effect. We will describe how to create and modify dynamic objects exhibiting motion within the local frame of reference and provide an outlook on the application of machine learning for target classification.

Application Field: ADAS and Autonomous Driving
Speaker: Hen Leibovich, Application Engineer II, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars weather simulation

Weather Simulation for Virtual Sensor Testing

Autonomous vehicles must perform flawlessly in every situation, including hazardous weather conditions (rain, fog, snow) to reach Level 5 autonomy. Simulation is needed to test sensor performance and reliability in all conditions, including edge cases.

In this webinar, we present the capabilities of Ansys SPEOS to simulate weather conditions and analyze the performance of sensors like lidar, optical cameras and thermal cameras from FLIR Systems.

Application Field: ADAS and Autonomous Driving
Speaker: Sandra Gely, Manager Application Engineering, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars radar sensor design

Automotive Radar Sensor Design and Integration Workflow

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have recently been thrust into the spotlight in the automotive industry as car makers and technology companies pursue effective active safety systems and fully autonomous vehicles. Radar has emerged as the primary sensor technology for active/passive safety in advanced driver assistance systems. Physically building and testing radar systems to demonstrate reliability is an expensive and time-consuming process. Simulation is the most practical solution to designing and testing radar systems. This webinar provides a complete, full physics simulation workflow for automotive radar using finite element method and asymptotic ray tracing electromagnetic solvers. The design and optimization of both transmitter and receiver antennas is presented. Antenna interaction with vehicle bumper and fascia is also investigated.

Application Field: ADAS and Autonomous Driving
Speaker: Amazir Moknache, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars electric motor optimization

Electric Motor Optimization with Multiple Objectives — Drive Cycle Efficiency Versus Power Density

This 20-minute webinar shows how Ansys Motor-CAD can be used with Ansys optiSLang to provide multi-objective optimization, using multiphysics analysis to evaluate each candidate design against the full specification.

Application Field: Electrification
Speaker: Nicolas Riviere, Senior E-Motor Designer, Motor Design Ltd.

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars power electrics

Power Electronics/Systems Design, Modeling and Analysis

Power electronics is a part of just about every market that involves electrification of systems: cell phones, computers, consumer electronics, automobiles, ships, aircraft, spacecraft and everything in between. This includes all types of power conditioning such as rectifiers (AC to DC), converters (DC to DC) and inverters (DC to AC). It is vital to be able to evaluate the power electronics in the overall power system.

These types of systems require a suite of design, modeling and analysis tools (for magnetics, power device characterization, cabling, bus bars, PCB parasitics, EMI/EMC, thermal, etc). This webinar highlights Ansys solutions to address all these aspects of power electronics and power systems.

Application Field: Electrification
Speaker: Steve Chwirka, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars exporting co simulation

Exporting and Co-Simulation of Ansys Motor-CAD Models in a Systems Simulation

This webinar shows a range of options for modeling a motor in a systems simulation environment, using an Ansys Motor-CAD model. A range of electromagnetic, loss, thermal and control models are demonstrated with different levels of fidelity and computation speeds.

Application Field: Electrification
Speaker: Jonathan Godbehere, Motor Design Ltd.

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars speos tips tricks

Ansys SPEOS Tips & Tricks: Optical Part Design — Interior Workflow

Simplify and speed up the design of interior automotive optical elements, such as light guides for mood lighting, by learning how to use Ansys SPEOS’ dedicated workflow for creating an opto-mechanical system. Based on generative optical design, this workflow dramatically increases your productivity and reduces engineering development time while improving style convergence.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Use Boolean operators optimally
  • Perform ideal geometry cutting
  • Use TBM efficiently
  • Application Field: Best practices - SPEOS

Application Field: Best practices - SPEOS
Sen Zhang, Application Engineer II, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars speos tips tricks camera

Ansys SPEOS Tips & Tricks: SPEOS Enhanced Camera

Cameras are one of the keys to autonomous technology. In this webinar, discover how to increase the accuracy of ADAS/AD simulations using the extended camera sensor simulation capabilities available in Ansys SPEOS. In addition, learn how a new lens importer now enables you to import any imaging systems into SPEOS to perform optical analyses while protecting the original system’s intellectual property.
Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Go further in the modeling of your camera systems, including EPP, 2D distortion, focus distance, DoF and more
  • Convert a SPEOS or ZEMAX Opticstudio design into a simplified model for camera simulation
  • Visualize key optical characteristics of a lens system
  • Create a new collaborative workflow from lens design to camera simulation

Application Field: Best practices - SPEOS
Speaker: Petr Fomin, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Automotive Webinars electric machines simulations

Ansys Electric Machines Simulation Platform

A simulation platform solution for electric machines encompasses design and analysis of multiphysics and system modeling approaches to address electromagnetic, thermal, acoustic and drive performance. This webinar provides an overview of simulation solutions available for the initial design of machines, efficiency maps, and temperature-dependent demagnetization. It also illustrates a multiphysics coupled workflow to predict the thermal performance and acoustic signature of the machine. Furthermore, techniques to extract an equivalent circuit model from FEA for a system-level analysis that includes the electric drive and controller will be discussed.

Application Field: Electrification
Speaker: Pavani Gottipati, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys

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