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Ansys Pharos
On-Silicon Electromagnetic Crosstalk Analysis Software

Ansys Pharos software identifies all EM crosstalk victim/aggressor net pairs in a silicon design, ranked by the electromagnetic isolation between selected victim nets and all potential aggressors.


Manage EM Crosstalk for SoCs with Fast Turnaround Time

Pharos combines Ansys' unparalleled EM engine capacity with a proprietary high-capacity circuit simulation engine to perform coupling analysis and provide ranking of potential EM crosstalk aggressors per victim node. By highlighting the most susceptible nets, designers can focus their design decisions to manage EM crosstalk on these nets and de-risk the design process.

  • High-capacity Extraction and Modeling
    High-capacity Extraction and Modeling
  • Fast EM Analysis for Large Designs
    Fast EM Analysis for Large Designs
  • ‘What-if’ Analysis
    ‘What-if’ Analysis
  • Report Ranked Victim/Aggressor Pairs
    Report Ranked Victim/Aggressor Pairs
Manage EM CrossTalk for SoCs with Fast Turnaround Time

Quick Specs

Pharos combines unparalleled extraction engine capacity with a built-in simulation engine to perform EM analysis and provide ranking of potential EM crosstalk aggressors per victim net. This allows designers to focus on the most critical nets in the design.

  • EM Crosstalk Analysis
  • Parasitic Model Extraction
  • SoC and Blocks
  • Crosstalk Between Blocks
  • Substrate Crosstalk
  • Heat Map Reporting

Optimize High-Speed Serial Links for Crosstalk

Nvidia applies Ansys Raptor EM analysis to de-risk high-speed serial links on silicon.



As silicon devices become more compact and higher speed, the electromagnetic coupling between wires must be analyzed accurately to ensure silicon success.

Increasing design complexity, along with the broad scope of magnetic field interference, makes identifying all EM crosstalk susceptible victim/aggressor net pairs a very challenging, if not impossible, task. As a signoff tool, Ansys Pharos analyzes the entire SoC and reports the risks of EM crosstalk by aggressor nets that couple strongly with sensitive parts of the design. These nets are marked for redesign to facilitate EM-aware signoff ECO.

By focusing the analysis on the most vulnerable nets, Pharos saves time and de-risks the design process for RF and high-speed designs.


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PCBs, ICs & IC packages

PCBs, ICs & IC packages

Ansys’ complete PCB design solution enables you to simulates PCBs, ICs, and packages and accurately evaluate an entire system.


High-capacity electromagnetic crosstalk analysis for SoC and large blocks

Ansys Pharos analyzes electromagnetic crosstalk in very large blocks and SoCs with high accuracy and fast turnaround times. It combines unparalleled EM extraction engine capacity with a proprietary simulation engine to perform coupling analysis. Pharos analyzes the electromagnetic isolation between selected victim nets and all potential aggressors in the design. It returns a ranking of all potential EM crosstalk aggressor nets, from the strongest to weakest, per victim net. Pharos delivers a “heat map” overlaying the layout to show a color gradient for the strength of EM crosstalk to the victim.


Key Features

Pharos is a proven signoff analysis tool to manage and reduce electromagnetic coupling in large silicon designs

  • Extract large blocks and SoCs
  • Simulate at different frequency points
  • ‘What-if’ analysis
  • Quickly identify all aggressor nets
  • Analyze crosstalk between different blocks
  • Heat map reports show coupling strength

Ansys Pharos has a very high-capacity full EM extraction engine that generates an EM model of a design with thousands of nets and tens of thousands of ports.

Ansys Pharos includes a massively parallel, frequency-domain SPICE solver that can simulate the AC response of a netlist with tens of billions of elements.

Ansys Pharos can be applied at both the block-level for analysis and the SoC-level for signoff. At the block-level, Pharos analyzes a block or a group of blocks and reports risks associated with EM and substrate crosstalk between aggressor/victim pairs. These nets may be part of different blocks or even design hierarchy.

Ansys Pharos produces text reports with a ranked list of victim/aggressor net pairs and their potential crosstalk interference values. It also displays a “heat map” overlayed on the layout. It shows a gradient of the EM crosstalk strength between each aggressor to the victim, as well as two-color scale to highlight pass/fail aggressor nets.

Ansys Pharos has the capacity to analyze 2.5D/3D multi-die packages and include the impact of package layers on the design performance.



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