Ansys GRANTA Selector 为智能材料选择提供了一套功能强大的工具。使用交互式图表和比较工具,用户可以对关键属性施加约束,权衡竞争性的性能要求,并系统地为用户应用找到最佳备选材料。用户可以为每个项目创建清晰的材料选择报告、比较表格和图表,以支持决策制定并清晰地传达用户的发现。

它与 MaterialUniverse 中大量的材料属性数据目录结合在一起,MaterialUniverse 是一个由专家编制的独特数据集,可以在整个可能材料范围内进行同类比较。专用数据集涵盖数千种不同材料的标准、规格、供应商和等级,以及用于高级仿真的温度相关曲线数据。金属、聚合物、复合材料、医疗材料、涂料、航空航天材料等都包括在内。


GRANTA Selector 将智能、系统的材料选择和材料数据结合在一起,用户可以找到合适的材料问题,然后获得完整的回答。


  • 在产品开发的早期阶段,第一时间获得正确的材料选择,可避免后期的成本增加和时间延误
  • 通过系统、详尽地搜索材料选项,为用户的发现增加信心,使用户可以迅速产生新的想法
  • 考虑材料性能以及成本、受限物质风险和生态影响等因素
  • 借助我们全面的互联数据集,轻松评估任何应用的整个工程材料范围 - 选择合适的材料、等级和供应商
  • 使用集成工作流程将数据导出到各种第三方 CAD/CAE 软件,或将仿真就绪的工程数据输入到 Ansys Workbench

GRANTA Selector Overview

Ansys GRANTA Selector enables materials experts, product development teams and simulation experts to make intelligent decisions about materials. Reducing costs, innovating and resolving materials issues, getting relevant data for simulation or simply validating your choice of materials — Ansys GRANTA Selector lets you select the right material for the right job.

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  • Intelligent materials selection

    Straightforward selection tools identify the best materials for your application. Compare, visualize and set limits on properties. Locate specific grades and suppliers.

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  • Find similar materials

    Quick and easy tools to identify materials with a similar property profile to a reference material. Overcome issues with supply, regulation or increased cost.

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  • Comprehensive materials data

    An extensive array of interlinked materials data sets. Detailed information on metals, polymers, composites, coatings, medical materials, aerospace materials and more.

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  • Assess hybrid materials

    Derive properties for combinations of materials and use them for materials selection or even create your own synthetic hybrid material models.

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  • Part cost estimation

    Estimate manufacturing costs at the conceptual design phase. Account for materials, manufacturing method and batch size.

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  • Ecological design audit

    Evaluate the environmental impact of your product and provide guidance on how to reduce it.

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  • FE Export and Ansys Workbench integration

    Seamlessly feed simulation-ready engineering data into Ansys Workbench as part of an integrated workflow or export data to a variety of third-party CAD/CAE software solutions.

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  • Academia and Research

    Demonstrate all major aspects of material performance with publication-ready charts and reports – compare in-house performance to standard engineering grades.

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