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Ansys Employee Spotlights

Toshi Nagamine

I drive channel partner growth.

My Career Journey

I joined Ansys in October of 2021 as a part of Zemax acquisition. So, it’s been a little over two years with Ansys and about 16 years with Zemax.

My degree is in architecture so naturally my first job was at a real estate company. However, I was assigned to sales and which was the start of my career.

I have always had a passion for technology and spent a few years working at a patent firm for an overseas patent application for high-tech products. My interest in sales and technology came together when I found a new job at a distribution company specializing in optics and photonics hardware and software products. This is when I first started working with the Zemax business as a Channel Partner. After seven years as a channel partner, I joined Zemax to focus on simulation software.

How I’d Explain My Job to a Kindergartener

My role is like building Lego blocks to find the right piece to assemble them to make a desired model. So, I work with our channel partners to combine all the pieces to build our customer’s product package.

What I Actually Do

I’m responsible for the channel business in Japan. Our Channel Partners are our extended salesforce outside of the organization, so they help us expand our customer base and find new and future use cases. It is important to have strong communication, sales enablement, training, and communication to upper management to align our goals and strategies.

My team works with our Channel Partners to share Ansys’ offerings and solutions directly with customers and bring bigger opportunities, such as multi-year deals. We also cross-functionally support our channel partners as the customer continues their journey outside the sales execution process, including marketing, customer success with our ACE team, and order processing.

Why I Choose Ansys

I am confident about Ansys products, technologies, market growth potentials, and vision.  

Our ONE Ansys Culture

 “Be Open” and “Be You” are my favorite Ansys values. Ansys encourages all employees to have a diversity of thoughts rather than a single unified voice. Knowing someone’s opinion and respecting each other while being open to different perspectives and driving new ideas is important. If you look at a set of dice, you will see different numbers depending on the perspective. All dimensions make it one dice. Diversity makes us ONE Ansys.

Our ONE Ansys Culture

Ansys really values its employees. I felt this, especially during the integration process when Ansys considered career paths and additional opportunities for their acquired talents. Even today, this can be seen through the “Ansys First “mentality, where managers are encouraged to look inside Ansys first when filling a new position. 

Sense of Belonging

I joined Ansys during the pandemic when most of us worked from home. Remote work has its benefits but the downside is the difficulty to have more personal dialogue at work. Meeting colleagues face to face, having a hallway chat, dining, and wine make it more personal and enhance belonging at work. 

My Best Advice

Don’t be shy. Try to communicate and network proactively with your team members and outside of your team. This will help you understand the bigger scope of business and enable you to seek support from others. 

What You Might Not Know

I am passionate about photography, mainly my family portraits and travel landscapes. I wish I was as good as how much I spent on my lenses …

Channel Partner Bootcamp

2023 Ansys Japan Channel Partner Bootcamp

Toshi Nagamine employee spotlight

Toshi presenting at the 2023 Ansys Japan Channel Partner Bootcamp, Presentation on Channel Ecosystem and Growth Drivers

Toshi Nagamine employee spotlight

Family photo at Ansys Japan Family day, October 2023. Toshi's wife, Manami, and our daughter, Yuina.

Toshi Nagamine employee spotlight

Photograph taken by Toshi of his daughter dressed up in kimono for "Shichi-go-san," an event to wish for health and longevity.

Toshi Nagamine employee spotlight

Former Zemax team at Ansys Japan. Photo taken after team dinner in December 2024.