ANSYS DesignXplorer

ANSYS DesignXplorer

Optimize your product designs through automatic parametric analysis

ANSYS DesignXplorer is an integrated ANSYS Workbench application that leverages the parametric and persistent power of Workbench for parametric analyses so you can efficiently explore, understand and optimize your design. DesignXplorer includes correlation, design of experiments, response surface creation and analysis, optimization and six sigma analysis.

With very little additional effort, you can parameterize any Workbench project so that DesignXplorer can begin to drive the design. Bi-directional CAD interfaces ensure that the geometry changes are done in the actual CAD tools. You can parameterize “dead” geometry in ANSYS SpaceClaim. You can activate parameters in ANSYS solvers and other tools with a single click so you can study the variations.

Exploring your design can start with correlation analysis or design of experiments (DOE) algorithms, such as Latin Hypercube Sampling, Central Composite Design or even Sparse Grid methods, to create a list of design points. DesignXplorer drives Workbench to investigate parametric variations and then stores and analyzes the results. Correlation analysis reveals which input parameters are most relevant for further study.


Design Exploration

Explore your design space with a variety of robust correlation and DOE algorithms. Determine which parameters are most relevant, produce charts that show sensitivity to inputs and much more.

Design Exploration Capability
Response Surfaces

Quickly estimate your product design performance for any design input, using automatically generated response surfaces regardless of the size or complexity of the original simulation model.

Response Surface Capability

Find improved designs automatically from within ANSYS Workbench using industry-leading design optimization algorithms.

Optimization Capability
Six Sigma Analysis

Six Sigma Analysis enables you to define the statistical variation of inputs and then analyze the variation of the outputs.

Six Sigma Analysis Capability
ACT Extensions

As a native Workbench application, DesignXplorer capabilities can easily be extended with ACT.

ACT Extensions Capability

As a standalone digital object, a 3D ROM (Reduced Order Model) can be used outside its production environment, for computationally inexpensive, nearly instant analysis.

Brain slice using 3D ROM

See how our customers are using our software:

Breakthrough for brake design

Breakthrough for brake design

New method simulates brake-squeal problems early in the design process.

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Improving the efficiency of compressors used for aeration

Improving the efficiency of compressors used for aeration

The ANSYS integrated approach enabled engineers at a rotating machinery company to easily design and optimize a centrifugal compressor with a potential for 2 to 5 percent energy savings during wastewater treatment operations.

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