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OptiCon 2024

Discover how Ansys Optical simulation software empowers thousands of engineers worldwide. From mastering physics principles to tackling intricate optical engineering challenges, Ansys supports designing, simulating, and validating optical systems with a multiphysics approach. Join us at the Opticon 2024 event to explore how Ansys offers peace of mind as the industry leader in engineering simulation, providing accessible and affordable solutions tailored to your engineering needs.

June 7, 2024
3:30 am to 8:00 pm IST


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What attendees will learn

  • See the vast array of tools that you can use within the Ansys Optics portfolio
  • Understand simulating optical systems with the multiphysics approach
  • Explore how Ansys offers affordable and user-friendly solutions tailored to the specific needs of engineers
  • Explore methods for verifying simulation results, validating optical designs, and ensuring accuracy and reliability in optical system performance predictions

Who should attend 

  • Optical Engineers
  • Opto-mechanical Engineers
  • Research scholars working on Optics or Photonics related areas