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From Heat to Harmony: Achieving Effective Electronics Cooling

Explore how Ansys Discovery breaks stereotypical simulation barriers through its unique approach that is radically easy to use, highly flexible and ideally suited for early design exploration and refinement.  


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About this Webinar

Adequate cooling is a critical aspect of electronic solutions, needed to avoid essential safety incidents and improve thermal safety and reliability. Using simulation earlier in the design process to identify issues and improvements before costly changes have demonstrated benefits in accelerated productivity, increased innovation, and better product quality. 

However, deploying simulation to design groups can be challenging due to traditional methodologies’ complexity, ease of use, and speed.  This webinar will explore how Ansys Discovery can help design effective electronics cooling solutions through its Live GPU solver, easy-to-use interface, and integrated geometry editing features. 

What You Will Learn

In our latest software release, new updates include: 

  • Understand the impact of simulation-driven design on predicting and ensuring electronic reliability
  • Discover how to conduct thermal management and CFD simulations in seconds using real-time physics
  • Learn how to leverage high-fidelity simulations within Ansys Discovery
  • See how Discovery integrates with the rest of the Ansys portfolio, enabling a connected digital thread

Who Should Attend

Engineering managers, methods groups, design engineers, and analysts looking to offload routine simulations.


Nick Stefani

Electronic Cooling simulation