Efficient and High-Performance Flow Path Development

The flow path, with stationary and rotating blade rows and interconnecting spacing and ducting, is the heart of any turbomachine. To a large extent, its design establishes machine efficiency and power. Achieving the optimal flow path design is no simple task, given the myriad of conflicting requirements of turbomachinery design. But the availability of advanced flow path software from ANSYS helps improve compressor and turbine efficiency, reduce fuel burn, improve machine safety and extend machine operating range and map width.

The ANSYS solution encompasses 1-D, throughflow and 3-D CFD simulation (steady and unsteady) across the expected operating range. Fluids and structural simulations dovetail to provide an efficient and reliable machine.

ANSYS Comprehensive Solutions for Turbomachinery

Comprehensive Solutions for Turbomachinery - ANSYS tools accelerate High-Performance Flow Path Development.

Efficient Flow Path Development