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Novel, Efficient Antenna System Design Using HPC Capabilities in Ansys HFSS

Are you concerned your 5G massive MIMO antenna array will not meet specifications and requirements? Do you need a faster and more accurate solution for your challenging antenna designs? Do you want to know how expansive a simulation can be with the latest Ansys HFSS capabilities?

This webinar will chart the progress of HFSS with respect to antenna design and how it has evolved into the established leader in the field. If you have not used HFSS recently or simply want to know what HFSS offers for antenna modeling, this is the webinar for you.

Please join us for this 45-minute webinar to learn about newly introduced HPC-based capabilities in Ansys HFSS to:

  • Predict performance metrics for complex antenna systems deployed in non-ideal environments
  • Create expansive, virtual wireless communication systems that are inclusive of realistic homes, buildings or even dense urban environments
  • Reduce overall development time by using real-time tuning capabilities in HFSS
  • Rapidly and accurately design 5G MIMO antenna arrays


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