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Case Study

Etergo Uses Ansys Tools to Compare Materials for the Design of New Electric Scooter


This case study outlines how the strong integration between our flagship Ansys Workbench solvers used with Ansys Granta Selector can help engineers make the right materials decisions for their designs faster with reduced simulation and testing costs.



When faced with developing a new model of their electric scooter, Etergo turned to Ansys to help solve their development challenges. New materials had to be compared to minimize cost and weight to meet exacting specifications. With strong demand for their product, rapidly getting to market with their new generation scooter is a key driver. 


Engineering Solution

  • Leveraged Ansys Granta Selector for materials selection, analysis and data together with Ansys Workbench to simulate new material performance. 
  •  Advanced materials data: Metals. 
  • Gateway between Ansys Granta Selector and Workbench for automatic material data transfer.



  • Reduction in unnecessary simulation and testing costs by eliminating unqualified materials early in the design. 
  •  Material use optimization with cost and weight reduced. 
  •  Workbench simulation results using Selector materials — data corresponds well to experimental testing. 
  •  The powerful interface between Ansys Workbench and Selector saves time with quick, accurate data transfer.


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