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Neural Concept exploits the power of deep learning to assist engineers to more quickly evaluate man-made designs and to guide them to more performing solutions. Our algorithms act as a force multiplier to humans’ creativity and help them come up more quickly with innovative designs that meet a variety of complex requirements. Our products are addressing two main goal: 

Broadening the reach of simulation and optimization-driven design. Because of their historical origin, simulation tools are not well adapted to design optimization in production environments. It is extremely hard for design teams to leverage insights provided by advanced simulations and by the specialized teams who develop them.  We intend to resolve this by integrating interactive simulation and design optimization tools in the workflow of the design engineers, instead of delegating this task to separate expert teams. Furthermore, the great engineering feats of our times, such as modern cars, airplanes, or nuclear submarines, have not been achieved by a few individuals with powerful ideas or algorithms. Instead, they are the result of a fragile network of interactions between hundreds of engineering teams, each with its own expertise. In that context, removing the friction introduced by simulations and lengthy back-and-forth technical exchanges will dramatically improve the dynamics of large-scale engineering design.

Unleashing creativity. Even in the hands of experts, current design tools do not deliver much in the way of radical innovation. They are typically used either to choose optimal configurations given a few predefined tunable parameters or to make minor local adjustments to manually-built designs. This is a far cry from making major design decisions and guiding engineers towards bold new ideas, which is what we enable.

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