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The DANTE software add-on to Ansys Mechanical is used to predict the dimensional change, metallurgical phase transformations, stress state, and hardness of a steel component to heat treatment. Virtually every steel part is subjected to a thermal process in order to meet performance requirements, and the thermal process will impose dimensional changes and impart a level of residual stress. For dimensional critical parts such as gears, bearings and shafts, correction of dimensions after heat treatment is a major expense. DANTE provides a way for the user to predict ahead of time what the change will be so that it can be incorporated into the process to eliminate or at least minimize finish machining operations. For crack sensitive steels, this means that cracking conditions can be avoided and scrap can be reduced. DANTE also addresses carburization processes so that optimum carbon profiles can be achieved, and furnace schedules can be minimized for both conventional gas carburizing and low pressure carburizing in vacuum furnaces. In terms of quench hardening, DANTE has been used for immersion quenching in oil, water and polymer solutions, spray quenching, high pressure gas quenching, and air cooling. DANTE has also been used for selective hardening processes such as induction hardening, laser hardening, and flame hardening. DANTE has an Ansys Customized Toolkit (ACT) that works within Workbench to aid in model building.

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