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Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

Conveyor Dynamics, has served the mining and minerals processing industry since 1981 as a leading conveyor dynamic engineering consultant in the analysis and design of material handling systems and conveyor components for construction and manufacturing organizations around the world.

Our design and analysis services cover a wide range of bulk material handling equipment, including

  • Trough belt conveyors
  • Pipe belt conveyors
  • Feeder conveyors
  • Transfer chutes
  • Ore communition (crushing and grinding) equipment

CDI has developed a modern commercial method for conveyor belt design and analysis based on rubber rheology, viscoelastic properties, and fundamental physics. This method, which has been incorporated into our BeltStat software, provides accurate analyses and predictions of trough and pipe conveyor performance, enabling us to design conveyor systems with improved power and strength efficiencies, and extended belt life expectancy.

CDI provides conveyor engineering and consulting services to assist you with:

  • Overland Trough Conveyor or Pipe Conveyor System Design and Consulting
  • Static and dynamic analysis of conveyors using BeltStat and BeltFlex software
  • Calculations of forces and tensions in vertical and horizontal curves
  • Conveyor design audits
  • Equipment sizing and specifications for all major conveyor components
  • Client representation for equipment vendor QA audits

Transfer Station and Chute Design

  • Transfer chute design and discrete element modeling (DEM) analysis using ROCKY DEM coupled with Ansys Mechanical and Fluent softwares.
  • Design of multi-stage or booster drives

Component Design

  • High-tension pulley design using PSTRESS and FEA.
  • Belt construction design, especially pipe belts.
  • Idler frame design.
  • Light-weight idler ground module design.
  • Light-weight elevated gantry or triangular truss design.
  • Maintenance trolley design for elevated gantries and triangular trusses.

Control System Design

  • PLC and HMI control programming for conveyor drives and brake systems
  • Design of speed control and monitoring instrumentation

Feasibility Studies

  • Route selection
  • Feasibility and optimization studies
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimates

Forensic Fault Analysis

  • Laboratory testing of rheological properties of belt rubber compounds
  • Belt splice and reinforcement design and FEA analysis
  • Forensic analysis and problem solving of existing conveyor belt systems
  • Forensics of existing conveyors – data collection, analysis and operational problem solving

Commissioning Services

  • Commissioning of new conveyors– data collection, analysis and control system adjustments for conveyors designed by CDI

Together, our conveyor design, comminution technologies, and software tools offer a broad spectrum of services ranging from conceptual studies through detailed engineering. We offer an integrated solution for mechanical and control system design. Let us partner in your next successful venture.

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