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Accelerating Advanced Defense Technology

Ansys simulation solutions help accelerate modernization and optimize sustainment of defense technology from the microchip to the mission. Delivering advanced capabilities more quickly enables defense leaders to stay ahead of the threat.

Accelerating Defense Technology Modernization and Optimizing Sustainment

Defense technology is mission critical. It must constantly improve to stay ahead of threat and perform without fail in the harshest of environments.

By deploying physics-based simulation across all phases of the acquisition process, from technology maturation to engineering, manufacturing, deployment and operations, defense leaders can significantly accelerate technology modernization initiatives and optimize sustainment to dramatically improve equipment operational availability. 

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    20% acquisition cycle time reduction
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    30% labor efficiency improvements
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    30% maintenance cycle time improvements
MIssion Critical

Stay Ahead of the Threat with Ansys Solutions

Digital transformation initiatives are key to maintaining technical superiority

Simulation driven digital transformation is the key to accelerating modernization and optimizing sustainment to stay ahead of the threat.

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Security Through Simulation

Staying ahead of the threat requires significant advances in defense technology. Ansys simulation solutions are used to advance mission critical capabilities across all domains, including cutting edge advances in autonomous systems, secure connectivity and hypersonics.

Extraordinary technology requires extraordinary support in the field to ensure maximum security. By combining industry-leading simulation with predictive maintenance solutions, we help manufacturers and defense contractors achieve the highest possible levels of readiness.



Automation is driving progress across sectors, from factory robots to autonomous vehicles to machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that drive automation itself. See why simulation is critical for autonomous technology to reach its full potential.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections


Engineers use Ansys simulation solutions to develop 5G technologies from devices to networks to data centers. Learn how simulation can help you solve difficult design problems and build your next generation of devices.

Ansys Advantage: Focus on Aerospace and Defense

Learn how companies across the aerospace and defense ecosystem are leveraging simulation solutions.


Simulation helps aerospace and defense leaders address their most critical initiatives.

In the face of an increasingly challenging and threat filled environment, the aerospace and defense industry must accelerate its digital transformation to deliver an unprecedented level of innovation.

The aerospace and defense industry is at a pivotal crossroads, facing an unprecedented operating environment and a need to exponentially innovate. This special edition of Ansys Advantage showcases how industry leaders are using Ansys simulation solutions to accelerate their digital transformation to meet their most critical operational and technological initiatives.

Ansys Customers Are Engineering What’s Ahead in Defense Technology

Simulation is accelerating the digital transformation of the defense industry, providing the most advanced defense technology and ensuring the highest levels of its availability.


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connected soldier

Connected soldiers make the most of increasingly advanced defense technology

As the military relies increasingly on advanced electronics systems, delivering persistent connectivity is more mission-critical than ever before.


Ansys partners with a leading European defense contractor to enable autonomous flight by 2030

Ansys is partnering with a leading European defense contractor  to develop the future of aerospace. We have committed to enabling autonomous flight to support future combat air systems by 2030.

mircrochip to mission

Integration from the microchip to the mission builds better defense

Ansys high-fidelity physics simulations can be integrated across scales, from the microchip to the mission, to improve results and lower costs at every step.

next gen drone

Designing next generation drones

Autonomous systems and manned-unmanned teaming will become the norm in future missions.

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Aerospace & Defense Webinar Series

These Aerospace & Defense webinars explore how Ansys simulation technology is used by the A&D industry to design and analyze cutting-edge applications.

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