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Digital Safety Webinar Series

Safety and security are becoming increasingly important as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles become more complex. Attend this mini webinar series — comprising 15- to 20-minute webinars — to explore new, productivity-boosting digital safety workflows and learn tips and tricks. These mini webinars cover four key areas for ensuring the digital safety of your in-vehicle systems: functional safety and security; safe software; systems simulation and virtual perception; and testing.

On Demand Webinars


6 Steps to a Smart Cybersecurity Strategy for In-Vehicle Systems Mario Winkler - Lead Safety Expert, Ansys & Marc Born - Chief Technical Officer, Ansys

In this webinar, we’ll present a six-step process to help you identify and address cyber vulnerabilities across the entire automotive electronics architecture.


Parameter Autotuning and Optimization for Automotive Xavier Fornari - Lead Product Manager, Ansys

Learn to optimize your testing parameters and reduce time to market for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. Using leading-edge algorithms, automatically generate calibration parameters that can be integrated into complete, closed-loop driving scenarios, to virtually test safety-critical embedded software.


Achieving complex L2+ ADAS Software Features with Safe Embedded Software Xavier Fornari - Lead Product Manager, Ansys

Learn how a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment with a built-in, automatic ISO 26262-certified code generator and AUTOSAR compliance can facilitate the development of complex ADAS and autonomous vehicle technologies.


Navigating Safety of Intended Functionality for ADAS and AV Systems Vincent Rossignol - Program Manager, Bernhard Kaiser - Principal Safety Consultant, & Marc Born - Chief Technical Officer, Ansys

This webinar demonstrates how manufacturers can easily navigate the systematic identification, evaluation and subsequent risk mitigation of SOTIF-related hazards, by combining Ansys medini analyze with Ansys SCADE Vision.

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