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Ansys + Medtronic

Simulation as a Standard

“I firmly believe that the work we're doing with simulation modeling with Ansys is helping us advance the Medtronic mission by improving the quality of our products in ways that would have been impossible using old-fashioned testing and development methods. Without simulation, our development timelines would be extended by years and costs increased by millions of dollars.” 

Mike Hess
VP of Corporate Technology and Innovation, Medtronic

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Simulation in Healthcare

Healthcare Engineering Simulation

Modeling and simulation are proven ways to address the high and unsustainable costs and time required for design and regulatory approval of increasingly complex healthcare solutions.  

Mixing application

Model the Mixing Process and Blending of Fluid-like Materials

Due to the wide variety of tank geometries and mixing conditions, Ansys has developed a streamlined portfolio of compatible simulation software for mixing tanks.