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magniX Propels Aviation Technology

Building Electric Aircraft

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The Electric Aviation Era

With significantly reduced operating costs, electric aircraft will change the economics of travel – and eliminate carbon emissions. With magniX propulsion technology powering a range of different aircraft, the company is offering a glimpse into the electric era of aviation. Sara Roggia, Senior Electric Propulsion Engineer at magniX, explains how simulation helps to build electric aircraft.

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“You can’t do these calculations by hand. We need to run finite element simulation. We simulate the stress around the motor and the mounting parts; everything is done with simulation.” 

Sara Roggia,
Senior Electric Propulsion Engineer at magniX

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Connecting the World with Electric Powered Flights

Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX, explains how the company is solving the electrically powered aircraft challenge while redefining the concept of “connectivity".


Multiphysics Simulations Help Engineers Design a Short Range All-Electric Aircraft Motor

Engineers from magniX recognized that current electric aircraft technology can manage short-haul flights. As a result, they have developed the magni500, which can carry 8 to 20 people.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Aerospace

Ansys simulation solutions deliver the significant product life cycle cost reductions the aviation industry demands, while accelerating the technological innovation required for tomorrow’s success.