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Enerkem Turns Trash into Biofuel

Clean Technology

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Recycling the Non-Recyclable

Enerkem produces renewable methanol and ethanol from non-recyclable, non-compostable waste at commercial scale. Their solutions replace fossil fuels like petroleum and natural gas with sustainable transportation fuels and chemicals. Micaël Boulet, Team Lead of the Computational Modeling Group at Enerkem, explains how they take trash and turn it into useable fuels.

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“For this project, we need about 10,000 simulations. 10,000 simulations with Ansys products — CFD, DEM, FEA. We do a lot of simulation.” 

Micaël Boulet,
Team Lead of the Computational Modeling Group at Enerkem

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Quickly and Accurately Simulate Particle Flows

Ansys Rocky is the industry-leading discrete element method (DEM) software used for simulating the motion of granular and discontinuous material. 


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