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Bimotal Builds Electric Assisted Bicycles

Enhancing Car-Free Mobility

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All the Power with Minimal Modifications

Designed using Ansys Motor-CAD simulation software obtained as part of the Ansys Startup Program, Bimotal created a lightweight device that can be installed in seconds using a quick-connect cam lever on the brake rotor of the back wheel of most current bikes. Toby Ricco, Founder and CEO of Bimotal, explains where the idea came from and how he went from simulating electric vehicles to developing electric bikes.

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“In our mission to reduce barriers to car-free mobility, we are en route to becoming motor, gearbox, battery, and electronics experts. The motor and gearbox optimizations are made faster and more efficient with the help of Ansys tools." 

Toby Ricco,
Founder and CEO at Bimotal

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Motorizing the Bike You Love with Bimotal and Ansys Simulations

When developing Elevate, Bimotal used a thermal model in Ansys Motor-CAD to understand the temperature rise in the motor under various operating conditions.

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Electric Machine Design Software

Ansys Motor-CAD is a dedicated electric machine design tool for fast multiphysics simulation across the full torque-speed operating range.

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Get Best-in-Class Simulation Software at Startup Pricing

The Ansys Startup program provides full access to multiphysics simulation software together with high-performance computing so that engineering projects can be tackled quickly and cost-effectively.