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Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality
Real-Time Optical Simulation

Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality offers a physics-based, real-time solution for design evaluation involving lighting, colors and materials variations.


True-to-Life Visual Experience

Leverage Predictive Simulation to Deliver Highly Accurate Renderings

Test and validate your product design in context. VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality can instantly compare multiple design intents for materials and lighting. The process allows you to validate choices against design specifications and select lighting and material combinations in lifelike conditions. Create a virtual prototype from a 3D format and easily prepare a virtual model, helping you make choices early in the design process, in real-time optical simulation.

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    Fast Design Process
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    Physics-based Light Simulation
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    Validate Product in Context
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    Highly Accurate Renderings

Quick Specs

With the live preview of Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality immersive virtual reality visualizations, bring in physics-based lighting conditions to explore how your lighting and material choices will look in reality. 

  • Real-Time Physics-Based Lighting
  • Raytracing for Reflection Simulation
  • Global Interior Lighting Evaluation
  • Advanced Ray-Traced Lighting
  • Interactive VR
  • Visual Ergonomics Assessment
  • Speos Live Preview
  • 360-degree VR Offline Simulation with Dynamic Lighting Control
  • Early Lit Aspect Review

Discovering Interior Light Conditions Early

The 3D simulations available within Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality allow you to detect problem areas in your interior lighting design before you physically prototype.

Change viewpoints, geometries, properties and lighting conditions to see the shifts in seconds. Record your modifications, creating high-quality videos to share and review results for making decisions.

The interior of vehicles or aircraft come with complex mixtures of lighting and materials. Using Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality offers you an immersive and realistic in-vehicle experience so you can immediately test and compare several design intents for materials and lighting. And you can do this while comparing your designs against your end needs.

By combining materials and lighting systems easily within your virtual product prototype, you can explore a mixture of colors and texture configurations to build and experience compelling lighting choreographies and dimming transitions. This ability can highlight factors like a disturbing windshield glare due to a material choice on the interior. Having this virtual prototype lets you assess the product within the true context of its operating environment to gain a 360-degree surrounding and then simulate realistic conditions, whether sunlight or the artificial light of a showroom.

Test and Validate Your Product Design in True-to-Life Environmental Context

Enabling faster design decision-making for virtual prototypes, Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality product rendering software offers a physics-based, real-time optical simulation for design evaluation. Delivering the ultimate virtual customer experience, its accurate visual renderings are the perfect way for designers, stylists or engineers to see and experience exactly what a future product will look like, in a fully immersive virtual environment. By ensuring that lighting, materials and finish combinations are pleasing to the eye and achievable, you can deliver the highest possible perceived quality without increasing cost.


Key Features

Experience visualizations in any VR system, in 3D, with guaranteed 1:1 scale, 1:1 color and 1:1 luminance.

  • A Fast, End-to-End Design Process 
  • Predictive Simulation: A Physically Accurate Simulation 
  • Immersive Decision-Making Solution
  • Global Interior Lighting Validation

It also exchanges data with Ansys Speos to easily prepare virtual models. Simply export and import light and material components to and from the Ansys optical library or Ansys Speos.

Based on the physics of light, VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality provides a “what you see is what you get” solution. Its predictive simulations drive highly accurate renderings generated by precise optical propagation capabilities which are certified against reality. VRXPERIENCE’s full-physics, GPU accelerated optical simulation, thanks to Nvidia Quadro RTX high memory amount, enables early assessment of the lit aspect of complex optical elements. You can prepare all the data in Ansys VRXPERIENCE based on 3D artist data and optical properties.

This way you can be sure to detect any issue and make the optimal design decision based on a reliable virtual mock-up.

Using timelines, you can create interior lighting scenarios such as blinking, fading, welcome, parking, etc. You can then experience them as the final customer will by interacting naturally with your virtual prototype HMI. Additionally, you can compute full physics 360 stereoscopic VR simulations of your interior lighting to ensure the right level of perceived quality for the final customer, avoiding light leakage while ensuring lighting uniformity. 360 VR preserves light interactivity, so you can create and validate compelling lighting scenarios. Take into account color harmony, fading and blinking speed, and intensity while avoiding disturbing reflections during night driving. With Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality, you can explore, create and validate a compelling interior lighting scenario with full physics simulation and dynamic lighting.


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