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Vehicle Exterior Design Software Solutions

Delivering high-performance with compelling aesthetics through simulation.


Optimizing Vehicle Exteriors with Simulation

Simulation empowers designers and engineers to deliver a high-impact aesthetic appearance with performance that exceeds customer expectations. By lowering drag and reducing weight, fuel efficiency and range are improved. Noise management enhances the passenger experience while structural analysis optimizes material use without compromising safety. Water and thermal management simulations ensure the vehicle will perform even in the most challenging conditions.

  • External Aerodynamics
    External Aerodynamics
  • Acoustics
  • Thermal Management
    Thermal Management
  • Water Management and Soiling
    Water Management and Soiling
  • Structural Integrity
    Structural Integrity
Vehicle Exterior Design Software Solutions
VEX Features

Drag and Noise Reduction 

Accurate and fast external aerodynamic and aeroacoustics simulations identify areas of high drag and noise contribution, and lets them be quantified, reduced and optimized.

Water Management and Soiling

Water management is critical for safety and performance. Simulation enables the prediction of soiling patterns, water wading loads and quantification of sensor degradation, all of which are costly to repeatedly determine through physical testing.

Thermal Management

Conjugate heat transfer simulations enable optimized design tradeoffs between aerodynamics and thermal management, providing insight into cooling system performance and power requirements across a range of operating conditions.

Structural integrity

Combine implicit and explicit solvers with workflows for design and print additive manufacturing. A materials intelligence platform enables engineers to optimize designs, predict fatigue life and balance weight and cost against performance.

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