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Reinforcement Learning with Physics-based Real Time Radar for Longitudinal Vehicle Control

Webinar Series

This live stream webinar highlights the new physics based Ansys Real Time Radar (RTR) solution applied to a reinforcement learning model for performing longitudinal vehicle control. Ansys RTR introduces a new paradigm for sensor development by leveraging Nvidia GPUs and new algorithms to accelerate simulation by orders of magnitude without compromising accuracy.

The webinar series will demonstrate Ansys RTR running on Microsoft Azure.

Attending these webinars you will:

  • Learn about ADAS radar simulation capabilities of Ansys RTR:
    • Physics-based and high fidelity
    • Real time, even faster than real time    
  • Discover how reinforcement learning coupled with neural networks benefits from Ansys RTR:
    • Train a reinforcement model to control vehicle speed and braking on obstacle approach
    • Leverage raw I/Q data and range-Doppler maps to control training process
  • Complete your ADAS simulation tool chain using Ansys RTR:
    • Cross platform solution using the OSI standard
    • Support for custom 3rd party driving simulator interfaces
  • Reduce development cost and minimize your time to market using Ansys RTR:
    • Shift your development and testing strategies from the physical to the virtual world
    • Challenge your perception algorithms with edges case scenarios and isolate their cause

On-Demand Webinars

Webinar Series
Ansys real time radar Webinar Series
Introduction and Product Live Streaming Part 1

Learn about the technology and capabilities of Ansys RTR including key aspects of ADAS and autonomy use cases such as multiple targets in the radar field of view, multipath and interference among complex scatterers, effects of varying surface scattering properties and more.

Webinar Series
Ansys real time radar Webinar Series
Product Live Streaming Part 2

Watch the progress of the reinforcement learning model in this follow-up live stream session. View the rendered scenarios and key metrics such as the number of virtual kilometers driven and virtual accidents encountered.

Webinar Series
Ansys real time radar Webinar Series
Product Live Streaming Part 3

See the progress that has been made thus far, with the accident rate declining as the reinforcement learning algorithm becomes better trained for a longitudinal speed and braking control scenario.

Webinar Series
Ansys real time radar Webinar Series
Product Live Streaming Part 4, Follow-Up Presentation and Q&A

Discover the learning steps and progress of the control agent, view the  output and ask questions regarding the Ansys Real Time Radar technology and its value in reinforcement learning for autonomous scenarios.

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