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October 20, 2017

NEW Ansys Student Community is LIVE

I have very exciting news to share with you. The Ansys Student Community is now live and ready for action. If you are one of the 400,000+ users who have downloaded Ansys Student Products since their launch in August 2015, you can now communicate with other Ansys users worldwide via this platform.

The Ansys Student Community provides a forum to share ideas, ask questions, guide users and post cutting-edge information or useful technical resources. It is primarily intended for students, but academic faculty, staff and other users in academia are welcome to participate.

Here is a quick overview of the features of the Ansys Student Community and how you can benefit from them:

News and announcements: Find the latest news on academic product updates, software enhancements, new features, releases, etc.

Student Products:
Ansys student products are a great way to explore and learn the power of simulation. To enhance your learning experience, you can post questions, share feedback, discuss issues and offer suggestions on improving the Ansys Student Community. You can download the free Ansys Student Products.

Pre- and post-processing: Share your knowledge — or ask others to share theirs — related to CAD files, geometry modeling, meshing and results visualization.

Physics simulation: Discuss simulation issues related to all types of physics. This section has separate categories for structural, fluids, electromagnetics, multiphysics, systems and embedded software.

Tutorials, textbooks and articles: Search for tutorials or other resources. Find video tutorials on getting started, useful textbooks and articles and other valuable information about engineering simulation.

Student competition teams: Talk to other student teams who are using Ansys solutions, share your knowledge and exchange materials. Ansys supports many university student teams through software-based sponsorship. Find out how a sponsorship could help your team to produce a better design for your vehicle or model for your next competition.

Badges and Rewards:

Users can earn badges by updating their profile with a photo, and by answering questions and voting on posts and replies, you can like, dislike and mark as a favorite:

By participating in voting you help others as good stuff gets promoted and not so good stuff gets pushed down. Try answering a few questions too. This activity helps boost your own ranking, and as an incentive we are going to reward the first community user (non-Ansys affiliated users) who reaches 100 points on our Leaderboard. The prize will be selected from our Academic Logo Store.

If someone gets to 500 or 1000 points we’ll up the game on the prize. These users will receive some Ansys Academic Research software for their Professor, school or department.

Join the Ansys Student Community TODAY and ask questions, get help on your specific problems, plus open up new communication lines with other users globally. Plus don’t forget to give us feedback, let us know what is useful to you and what we can do better to improve your engineering simulation experience. We’re listening.

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