ANSYS Academic Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

When writing a technical paper, white paper, article, thesis, presentation, book or web page, you may need to reference ANSYS or its products. In all cases, authors should work to ensure that the reference is specific and clear and that any interested reader will be able to easily find the referenced information. There are specific legal requirements that writers must adhere to as well. The guidelines below under Product Names, Fair Use and Copyright, and Trademarks can help authors get started. Refer to the linked documents for more detailed information.

Additionally, our ANSYS Academic product license terms are aligned with academic use. Please see Licensing and Terms of Use for a full explanation of how our Academic products can be used.

由于ANSYS 产品线包括多个产品,简单的声明你使用了软件“ANSYS” 无法帮助那些希望更好的理解你的工作的读者确定是哪个产品及哪些功能。

• 所参考的产品应该带有其版本号。可从你的产品许可表格中找到正确的产品名称。

产品参考的例子: ANSYS® Academic Research, Release 16.2

• 所参考的文档应该带有相应的产品名称、版本号、文档书籍、章节和页码。


• 文档引用的例子: ANSYS® Academic Research, Release 16.2, Help System, Coupled Field Analysis Guide, ANSYS, Inc.

一般文档引用: ANSYS® [产品名称],版本号,帮助系统,[书及章节名称],ANSYS, Inc. 不可以引用ANSYS提供的私人交流(如技术支持的回复),引用必须得到 ANSYS,市场部的批准,它将指明伴随引用的属性。

在没有得到ANSYS书面许可时,禁止在你的文章或其它工作中转载ANSYS产品文档的任何部分,包括文字、图片和LOGO。要使用这些文档材料,请联系 ANSYS 市场部门。


下面的摘录是Please review the ANSYS商标使用指南.本指南解释了如何正确的引用我们公司和产品 也解释了正确使用我们有价值的商标和服务标志(总称, “商标”)。基于我们商业的本质,智力资产(商标等)是我们最重要的资产,我们积极的保护它。本商标使用指南适用于ANSYS员工以及第三方人员,包括但不限于我们的客户、作者和出版商。

ANSYS 商标列表 宣告了 ANSYS及其附属产品在美国和其它国家注册和非注册的商标。要获得如何正确使用ANSYS商标的指导,请参阅 商标使用指南




如果你怀疑ANSYS商标受到侵权,请联系 ANSYS法务部门。邮件标题注明“侵权” 字样。

ANSYS Academic product license terms of use are aligned with academic use. ANSYS Academic product licenses may not be used for any commercial activity, such as:

  • Commercial production design, design validation or design assessment work
  • Commercial manufacturing engineering work
  • Commercial research
  • Consulting work performed by academic students, faculty or academic account staff
  • Training of commercial company employees

The specific language that we use on our academic product license form is available from your ANSYS sales contact. A summary of the terms use, excerpted from our license form (section 5) is provided below.

License Form Excerpt

The analysis work performed with the program(s) must be nonproprietary work. Licensee and its contract users must be or be affiliated with an academic facility. Licensee may additionally permit individuals who are students at such academic facility to access and use the program(s). Such students will be considered contract users of licensee. The program(s) may not be used for competitive analysis (such as benchmarking) or for any commercial activity, including consulting.

Notwithstanding any terms of the agreement to the contrary, academic program(s) may be accessed and used by licensee at the designated site or any other location within a 50 mile radius of the designated site, provided that such location is within the same country as the designated site. Such limitations apply to any access and/or use of the academic program(s), including, but not limited to, access via a VPN connection or through license borrowing.

Academic Teaching

These products may be used only for student instruction, student projects and student demonstrations.

Academic Research

These products may be used only for degree and/or nondegree-related research, student instruction, student projects and student demonstrations.

Academic Associate

These products may be used only for industry-related research, degree and/or nondegree-related research, student instruction, student projects and student demonstrations.

Academic Toolbox

These products follow the terms of use of the academic products with which they are used. For example, the Academic Fuel Cell Tools module assumes Associate terms of use when used with an Academic Associate product.