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Materials Data for Ansys Electronics Desktop 2024

Every electromagnetic simulation needs material properties as an input. The accuracy of the material data has a direct impact on the accuracy of your simulation.

Ansys Granta offers Material Data for Simulation (MDS) for Ansys Electronics Desktop tools like Ansys Maxwell, Ansys HFSS, and Ansys Icepak with a wide range of low and high-frequency electromagnetic material properties. From B-H curves, conductivity, permeability, core loss for low-frequency. Permittivity, loss tangent, and density for high-frequency applications.

This webinar will introduce MDS, how it works, and its impact on your simulation – along with a demo of how to access it.

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What You Will Learn

  • Get an introduction to the MDS product and where it fits into the overall Ansys product portfolio
  • Learn the key benefits with quick product demonstrations
    in Ansys Electronics Desktop
  • See an overview of the materials data and properties

Who Should Attend

  • Ansys Maxwell, HFSS, SIwave, Icepack users


Roger Barnett