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Cooling Strategies and Thermal Modeling for High Performance Electric Machines

This webinar introduces accurate thermal solutions for cooling system development that enable faster, more reliable and efficient automotive electric traction machines. 


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About This Webinar

As electric motors get smaller and work harder to meet increasingly complex automotive applications, excess heat is produced, and efficiency is greatly reduced. In some designs, permanent magnet performance limits are pushed, and magnets become demagnetized.

Thermal management is a big challenge that needs to be analyzed early in the design process of electric machines. In this webinar, we will discuss the differences between water jacket and oil cooling and demonstrate how accurate simulation of thermal performance will help with early design trade-offs and considerations.  Best practices for detailed CFD modeling of oil cooled electric traction motors will also be covered. 

What Attendees Will Learn


Holger Grotjans, Saeed Jahangirian, and Eddie Chong