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Ansys 2024 R2: Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation (AVxcelerate) What’s New

Join our 2024 R2 Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation (AVxcelerate) webinar to explore new features like radar model encryption for secure sharing, adaptive grid sampling for faster simulations, improved Lidar accuracy, expanded ODD capabilities and UI enhancements for the AVxcelerate Autonomy toolchain. Don't miss out on these cutting-edge advancements in autonomous vehicle simulation.

July 11, 2024
10 AM EDT / 4 PM CEST / 7:30 PM IST


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2024 R2 delivers another set of valuable enhancements to our AVxcelerate product offering. With Sensors, we introduce radar model encryption on the side of the sensor so Tier 1 suppliers can confidently share their sensor models with OEMs to help run accurate simulations without worrying about IP protection issues. Radar adaptive grid sampling for faster simulations and more accurate object detection, additional simulation accuracy improvements for the Lidar sensor, and multiple ODD and user interface enhancements that help expand the scope of ADAS/AD development and validation. 

What you will learn

  • Radar model encryption for IP protection
  • Radar sensor model adaptive grid sampling
  • AVxcelerate Autonomy: ODD enhancements and UI improvements  
  • Lidar simulation accuracy improvement

Who should attend

All AVxcelerate users, ADAS & AD engineers, HiL, and SiL test engineers should attend to learn the new features of AVxcelerate and how they can leverage them in their simulations.


  • Emmanuel Follin
  • Lionel Bennes