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Ansys 2024 R1: Ansys Fluent GPU Solver Updates What’s New

In 2024 R1, updates to the Fluent GPU solver include expanded capabilities for specific application workflows and new models and physics added. Sign up to save your space for this upcoming webinar.


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This presentation will cover updates made to the Fluent GPU Solver in version 2024 R1. This release expands the GPU solver to new applications and includes memory and performance improvements. Highlights include:

  • The Coupled Solver: Fluent’s coupled solver is now available in addition to the segregated solver, providing optimal convergence for many steady-state applications.
  • Non-Conformal Interfaces and Sliding Mesh: now fully released, enabling cases such as rotating wheels, full-wheel turbomachinery, and stirred mixing simulations.
  • Combustion with Detailed and Stiff Chemistry: multi-species and multi-step reactions are now supported for the detailed chemistry model, which is well suited to slow reactions such as pollutant formation and liquid-liquid reactions. The stiff chemistry solver is also now available and has been memory and performance optimized to enable large meshes and reaction mechanisms.
  • CPU Lightweight Setup Mode for the GPU Solver: reduces CPU memory usage before solving on GPUs, allowing you to restart large cases on GPU machines with limited CPU RAM or minimize CPU memory usage when using the latest shared GPU/CPU memory systems.
  • Python-based UDFs: easily implement your functions in the GPU solver using Python-based User Defined Functions.
  • And more

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Download the latest version of the software on the Ansys Customer Portal.

Who Should Attend

Fluent software users, CFD engineers, Fluids engineers


  • Jeremy McCaslin