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Aerodynamic Development of a Formula Student Vehicle

Join our upcoming aerodynamics webinar to immerse yourself in the world of aerodynamic design and innovation of a Formula Student Vehicle. Discover cutting-edge insights, interact with student team experts, and gain invaluable knowledge.


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About this Webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss how Ansys programs are used throughout the aerodynamic design process of a Formula Student vehicle. We will explore the development of the aerodynamic concept from the initial concept stages to a complete aerodynamic package. This will encompass the critical design considerations from an aerodynamic perspective, the use of Ansys simulation tools to evaluate the performance and feasibility of aerodynamic devices, and the steps to validate these simulations on track.

What You Will Learn

  • Watch an overview of the aerodynamic design cycle for a Formula Student vehicle
  • Learn the uses of Ansys products in the vehicle’s design process
  • Understand essential considerations for aerodynamic design

Who Should Attend

Members of student competition teams


Nathan Betros, Aerodynamics Manager, Monash Motorsport

Webinar: Aerodynamic Development of a Formula Student Vehicle